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Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Set To Usher In A New Generation In Late 2022

A New Adventure Fans tuning into yesterday’s Pokémon Presents presentation were mostly expecting small announcements. Maybe DLC for the recently released Pokémon Legends: Arceus. They got a few updates on those titles, but they weren’t the big news out of the presentation. Instead, we got the announcement of the newest mainline games.…

Shadow Warrior 3 Review (PC)

Shadow Warrior 3 Review: A Third Helping of Wang “Who wants some Wang?” asked an amusingly stereotyped FPS protagonist when the original Shadow Warrior was released back in 1997. Apparently, a lot of people wanted some Wang, since the rebooted series of Shadow Warrior is now on its third,…

Elex II Review (Xbox Series X)

Elex II Review: A Roleplaying Masterclass   Whilst never the most polished or technically sound of experiences, I’ve always had a soft spot for Piranha Bytes’ work. Janky, often bug-ridden, and always slightly clumsy feeling, what Piranha Bytes games lacked in polish they always made up for with an…
smash bros ultimate review

Full Evo 2022 Line Up To Be Revealed March 8th, Smash Bros Won’t Be Included

A New Era Starts Evo has had an up and down last few years. That’s true for most any event that involves getting a lot of people together these last few years but Evo has been hit extra hard. After the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled the planned Evo 2020, an…

Kardboard Kings Review (PC)

Kardboard Kings Review: What is a card to a king? Everything! Harry doesn’t know all that much about the trading card game Warlock, which is odd considering he runs a shop in Parakeet Bay that exclusively sells its cards. But that was more his father’s arena, and it wasn’t…

Ubisoft Providing Advance Payments And Alternate Housing For Ukrainian Employees

Ubisoft Join Game Studios Around The World In Support Of Ukraine Ubisoft has joined a growing list of gaming companies supporting Ukraine amidst the Russian invasion by providing alternate housing, advance payments, and additional funds for Ukrainian Staff. The publisher told The Loadout that it is taking the safety…

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