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Super Rare Games Announces Super Rare Originals Label

What’s Rarer Than Being An Original?   Today marks good news if you’re a fan of interesting video games. Super Rare Games has announced a new label called Super Rare Originals. What are Super Rare Originals, you ask? It’s an indie-first digital label for PC and consoles. And I…
HPP Download | Variant 3

Nintendo Download for 1/20/22

Black and White and Download All Over   Time for the Nintendo Download for 1/20/22! This week only has a small handful of new featured titles, but it makes up for it with more Expansion Pack games to try. There’s also the usual sales and digital games to check…

Windjammers 2 Review (Switch)

Windjammers 2 Review: Return Of A Classic Reviving a nearly thirty-year-old Neo Geo series is certainly a risk. Even for the team at Dotemu, who gave us back Streets of Rage after twenty-six years, that seems nuts. Windjammers is an amazing game, but it’s a niche title with hardcore…

Rainbow Six Extraction Review (Xbox Series X)

Rainbow Six Extraction Review: Rainbow Six Rogue-lite Is Rip-Roaring Fun, But What About Its Endgame?   Rainbow Six Extraction had me skeptical at first. I’ve been playing Siege for roughly five years, and I absolutely love it. There’s just the right amount of competitiveness, combined with some of my…

January’s Game Pass Lineup Takes A Hit Out On The Competition

Take A Hit Out With 9 More Games If January’s first batch of Game Pass titles didn’t have anything that drew you in, don’t worry. There’s a whole second group on the way with major series like Hitman, Danganronpa, and Rainbow Six on the way. Let’s check them out.…

SNK VS. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash Review (Switch)

SNK VS. Capcom: Card Fighters’ Clash Review: A Clash Between Giants It’s easy for a game to be built up in your head for long enough that it can never live up to the image you had of it. That was my worry going into SNK VS. Capcom: Card…

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