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karma city police

Karma City Police Review (PC)

Karma City Police Review: 911, what’s your emergency? Ironically, I had to interrupt this review to call emergency services while playing Karma City Police, a game taking place in an understaffed (and underfunded) police station. It wasn’t serious on my end — a powerline transformer exploded and burst into…

Never Yield Da Update Coming Alongside Mobile Launch

Some Compelling Reasons to Keep on Running   A little while back, I had the opportunity to review Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield. And though it wasn’t a perfect game, it was stylish, fun and compelling, despite a confusing plot. My main regret was that there wasn’t more game to play…

Scarf Review (PC)

Scarf Review: Not all heroes wear capes — some wear scarves! Imagine being a young, carefree child, existing happily with your loving mother. What precious times those would be, a mother and child basking in pure, unconditional love! Such was the dragon’s existence, until evil beings ripped her from…

Girls’ Frontline Debuts Dual Randomness Campaign After January 25th Maintenance Update

Dual Randomness Makes Its Grand Not-So-Random Debut as Girls’ Frontline Finishes Up January 25th Maintenance. Greetings Commanders, Girls’ Frontline is back online from its January 25th maintenance update, and we have a list of goodies to go over. There are a lot of new costumes, a few new T-Dolls,…

CrossFire: Legion Is Shaping Up To Be A Furiously Fast-Paced Classic RTS

CrossFire: Legion Takes Smilegate’s Hugely Popular FPS In A Totally New Direction   It’s not every day a game like CrossFire comes along. Developed by South Korean studio Smilegate Entertainment, the 2007 shooter is one of the most popular games of all time, boasting 690 million players across 80…

Final Fantasy XIV Online Launches Oceania Data Center

New event also announced     As part of their ongoing effort to bring MMORPG action to as many parts of the world as possible, Square Enix has announced the official release of their Final Fantasy XIV Online Oceania Data Center. Launching alongside today’s 6.08 patch, the Oceania Data Center…

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