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Sign Ups Now Open for 2022 Super Rare Club

Join the Club, Reap the Rewards!   Those of you who have previously ordered games from Super Rare Games may already feel like part of an exclusive club. After all, SRG helps cater to refined tastes with a diverse and growing selection of distinct indie titles. But starting today,…

Sail the Sexy Sea this Spring with Seven Pirates H

Walk the Gangplank this Spring in Seven Pirates H   If there was any lingering question whether the Nintendo Switch had officially become safe harbor for games with more mature and raunchy content, then that doubt is surely dispelled by today’s news. Eastasiasoft has announced they’re working with Idea…

Super Rare Games Starts Off New Year with Bloodroots

Ring In the Bloody New Year With Super Rare Games   Super Rare Games is starting the new year off right with an exceptionally stylish, unique and crazy game. They’re helping bring Bloodroots physically to the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Paper Cult Games, it’s a very visually stunning game.…

Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards Review (PC)

Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards review: Welcome to a Magical 16th Century Spain   Sometimes I really love surprises. I had no idea what to expect from Aluna: Sentinel of the Shards. It was offered to me for review, and thanks to the fact the game is based on…

Anagrams Review (PC)

Anagrams Review: What’s in a word? Everyone loves a good anagram — you take a word, you jumble the order of the letters, and you try to figure out what the original word was (ideally someone who isn’t you would jumble the original word, otherwise if you did it…

Be Somebody in Nobody Saves the World on January 18th

A Game for Every ‘Body’   Today marks great news for fans of Drinkbox Studios. You may be familiar with them thanks to their well received Guacamelee games. But later this month they’re taking a try on a different genre with Nobody Saves the World. It’s coming to Windows…

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