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Ikai is a Horror Game That Forces Players to Confront Their Fears, and Its Absolutely Terrifying

Sometimes, all you can do is power through     Helplessness is probably the scariest thing to ever exist. I don’t care how many creepy monsters and terrifying scenarios you throw at me to try to convince me otherwise—those things are only scary because we’re helpless to stop them. Most…

Arknights Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary With Vacation-Themed Event

Arknights Breaks in the New Year With Fun in the Sun for Their 2nd Anniversary Greetings, Doctors. It’s the time for Arknight’s 2nd anniversary, and what better way to celebrate the middle of a harsh winter with a summer holiday getaway! The new side story event coming up will…

Death Trash Is a Lush and Horrifying Adventure

Death Trash is a Lovecraft Fan’s Dream Game   As a fan of pixel art, Death Trash naturally appealed to me. Developed by Berlin developer Crafting Legends, it’s a mix of post-apocalyptic robot mayhem and Lovecraftian horror. And while the game is currently in Early Access, I managed to…

Rise Of The Third Power Coming To Consoles And PC This February

Dangen Entertainment's SNES-style RPG Rise Of The Third Power is finally going to make its way to consoles and PC on the 10th of February 2022.

The Parasight’s Blacktail to Receive Backing from Tencent

Partnership Designed to Help Build Long-Term Growth     Developer The Parasight has announced they are now officially being backed by Tencent. Founded in 2019, The Parasight is a team made up of 20+ experienced developers, and is currently working on Blacktail—a first-person, surreal action-adventure game surrounding the story of…

The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero Confirmed for Switch, PS4 Later This Year

The Crossbell Saga is finally heading to the West!     Do you remember playing though the Legend of Heroes Crossbell Saga a while back? Chances are that you probably don’t, because it never released outside of a handful of countries in East Asia. Fortunately, that’s all about to change,…

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