Girls’ Frontline Debuts Dual Randomness Campaign After January 25th Maintenance Update

Dual Randomness Makes Its Grand Not-So-Random Debut as Girls’ Frontline Finishes Up January 25th Maintenance.

Greetings Commanders, Girls’ Frontline is back online from its January 25th maintenance update, and we have a list of goodies to go over. There are a lot of new costumes, a few new T-Dolls, and we’re finally ready to begin the much-awaited Dual Randomness event.

First, we’ll take a look at the main event here, Dual Randomness. This event is the next major campaign in the Girls’ Frontline storyline and will revolve around the rebuilding of G&K after the events of Polarized Light and Chapter 13, as well as taking a look at a new mission involving Angie making movements into Bremen, a city under watch by East Germany. As you might expect, there’ll be a plethora of rewards for this new campaign, the biggest catches being a list of new T-Dolls.


Keep in mind that when you complete stages in Dual Randomness, you’ll get Supply Boxes that you can open to obtain various rewards such as furniture pieces, rare T-Dolls, and the limited SMG T-Doll AUG Para.


Also, as with other significant campaigns, we’re going to be getting a True Core Mask as the big final reward for completing the Dual Randomness campaign. This True Core Mask lets you instantly obtain any T-Doll from a list of T-Dolls available.


For now, let’s take a look at the T-Doll’s we’ll be seeing appear in Dual Randomness.

The first is a 4-Star MG T-Doll called PM1910.

A large MG chambered in 7.62×54 mmR and was used by the Imperial Russian Army in WWII. This massive murder machine comes to Girls’ Frontline as a hot-headed but confidant T-Doll. Her Tile buffs aren’t the best, but that’s expected of a four-star, though the Armor buff is fairly decent. Her passive increases evasion by 20% for those on her tiles and increases damage by 10% for those not on her tiles. The evasion doesn’t help at all, seeing that the SG on that tile is not going to be using any sense of evasion since very few SG T-Dolls even use evasion, and the damage buff for those on the tiles aren’t really getting that much of an increase in damage. Her active ability adds 12 rounds to her magazine, which will increase her self-accuracy by 80% but also increase her reload time by an extra four seconds. The payoff simply isn’t worth that extra time of waiting, and while her default stats aren’t awful, her kit just doesn’t allow a lot of proper synergy. Still, it’s hard to deny her rough-n-tough appearance, so if this girl’s meant to be your raifu, go for it. Rewards are still rewards.

Next up is VHS, a 5-Star AR T-Doll.

This slick little bullpup was developed by HS Produkt of Croatia to become a new infantry rifle for Croatia’s military. In-game, she sits as a moderately solid AR with a good tile buffs, fairly good overall stats, and a rather interesting skill. The ability to self-buff final damage based on her Analysis stacks for up to 25% isn’t bad at all. That said, her active seems very situational. It reads the highest damage, accuracy, and rate of fire amongst the enemies then buffs VHS based on their amounts (up to 45% of self damage, 80% of self accuracy, and 40% of self rate). While this would be pretty handy against higher power enemies, getting a swarm of low-power enemies would neuter the ability, leaving her with just her base stats. As a free reward, there’s definitely some use for her, and I’m interested in seeing how viable her ability is. So if you’re looking for a solid “supah hackah” raifu, can’t go wrong with VHS. Just don’t leave any Betamax near her, might not end well.

Now we have the AUG Para, a 5-Star SMG T-Doll.

The 9mm SMG sister to the classic Steyr AUG, it’s designed around use in special operations and police encounters that are on the short-range side, keeping a solid accuracy thanks to the long barrel and closed-bolt firing. The T-Doll holding this cute little SMG has some middling stats and decent tile buffs, but her ability is what’s the real catch here. You can set her in two different stances: One will convert evasion points into damage and accuracy, while another will convert damage points into evasion and accuracy. What makes this all the more interesting is that this calculation happens with consideration to buffs, so in theory, if you give her buffs from either tiles or abilities of other T-Dolls, you can have this skill start giving her one seriously absurd stat buff in either damage or evasion. Of course, this is all time-based, so you’d have to be running a long fight to see the real power of this skill start showing up, but I’d argue even a few seconds on this buff is gonna start really causing a difference in the fight. She may even be able to go in place of an AR if you rig her right. Certainly good things ahead for this cute raifu.

For the next T-Doll, we have a 5-Star RF named General Liu that will be a potential drop instead of a straight-up reward.

When I say this rifle is old, I mean it is old. As in, this is regarded as one of China’s earliest domestically designed firearms, essentially being China’s first self-loading infantry rifle. In-game, we have another interesting skill backed up by fairly good stats. Her Rate of Fire and Accuracy are damn good, though she does have a bit lower Damage as a result. Her tile buff is pretty solid as well, and has good coverage. What makes me most eager to grab her is that neat skill of hers. Her passive summons three squads of three-linked reinforcement T-Dolls, essentially granting you three extra units behind your echelon. Not only that, they keep any buffed stats that the original has upon starting a battle. The only downside is they only have 5 HP, so AoE blasts will render this whole system moot, but if you’re going up against normal, non-explosive/AoE units, this is gonna be a fun little game-changer. That’s just the passive skill, too. Her active skill toggles a stance mode. Her default normal stance reduces the rate of fire by 10% and increases damage by 20% while also making her target the farthest unit away. Makes her act more like a sniper. You can switch her to an Automatic stance that reduces damage by 10% and increases her Rate of Fire by 20%, also making her target the closest unit. It allows a lot of versatility and definitely has me interested in adding her to my RF/HG team. Be sure to pick up your newest Chinese raifu when you get the chance!

Lastly, we have the final new T-Doll, a 4-Star RF named M1908, another potential drop.

It is a rare day indeed that we get a Mexican rifle, but I am more than welcoming for the change of pace. The M1908, or Mondragon as some know it, is a gas-operated, self-loading rifle that was named by its creator, Manuel Mondragon. What made this particular rifle stand out was its ability to switch between semi-auto and bolt-action, which was pretty much unheard of near the turn of the 20th century. It’s a real shame her in-game representation doesn’t get near the level of shine that General Liu does. I know she’s a 4-Star, but her stats are not good enough to warrant keeping around as a support RF. While her ability to debuff her own Rate of Fire by 35% to increase other RF T-Dolls’ Critical Rate by 20% and Critical Damage by 10% sounds good on paper, you could easily just achieve this by putting in an HG with similar tile buffs so you can keep that RF slot open for more DPS. A right shame, because the Mexican military has been in need of some GFL love for a while now, but don’t let the bad stats dissuade you from getting her as a raifu by any means.

What a run this time around! Now we can get to the next stage, which is Neural Upgrades! The T-Dolls ready for their Neural Upgrade are as follows:

  • 5-Star AR T-Doll Gr G11
  • 5-Star SMG T-Doll RO635
  • 4-Star SG T-Doll Type97S
  • 3-Star RF T-Doll Super SASS

Next up is the costume banners, with the first being a brand new set of costumes in a banner called Wind-Borne Grace.

  • Lewis’ Warmth of the Wintersweet (Live2D)
  • QBU-88’s Dance of the Trumpet Vine (Simplified Live2D)
  • Defender’s Lily’s Reverie
  • KSVK’s Grasp of the Mimosa
  • Type 92’s Snowflake’s Kiss
  • New 5-Star Furniture Set New Year Market

We’ll also have Spring Snow on the Bridge getting a rerun, with the following set of costumes available:

  • DP-12’s Echeveria Lanturn (Live2D)
  • PA-15’s Alluring Larkspur (Live2D)
  • T91’s Snowy Plum Blossom
  • MG34’s Divine Peach Blossom
  • EM-2’s Fragrant Clove
  • PKP’s Dignified Bamboo
  • 5-Star Furniture set Snowy Yard

At the same time, we’ll be having Festive Days get a rerun as well, with the following set of costumes available:

  • Gd DSR-50’s Red Peony (Live2D)
  • LWMMG’s Golden Starthistle
  • JS05’s Fiary Lily
  • M590’s Angel’s Trumpet (Simplified Live2D)
  • Type81R’s White Camelia
  • 5-Star Furniture Set Hometown Reminiscence
  • 4-Star Furniture Set Biker’s Diary

Adding to those, we’ll be seeing JS 9’s Tender Marigold and Gr MG36’s Scarlet Turk’s Cap getting added to the Shop permanently.

Moving on, we’ll be seeing a new Point Event called Golden Bough in Early Spring. You’ll complete event quests to earn rewards like Tokens, supplies, and eventually, Type56R’s Pink Pear Blossom costume.

There’ll also be a login event for February that will give Thompson’s exclusive Skeleton accessory.

Now for the plethora of shop packages that’ll be available!

  • AUG Para’s Fragrant White Bouquet Costume Package – AUG Para’s Fragrant White Bouquet costume *1, Oath Certificate *1, and Token *100 (2588 gems, January 25th to February 28th)
  • SVD’s Camelia’s Vigil Costume Package – SVD’s Camelia’s Vigil costume *1, Oath Certificate *1, and Token *100 (2588 gems, January 25th to February 28th)
  • VHS’ Keeper on Page 8 Costume Package – VHS’ Keeper on Page 8 costume, Oath Certificate *1, and Token *100 (2588 gems, January 25th to February 28th)
  • PM1910’s Party in the Queen’s Tower Costume Package – PM1910’s Party in the Queen’s Tower costume, Oath Certificate *1, and Token *100 (2588 gems, January 25th to February 28th)
  • Dual Randomness Exclusive Package – Token *500, Memory Fragment *1000, Advanced Training Data *1000, Strawberry Custard Cheesecake *5 ($23.99, January 25th to January 31st)
  • Tiger Year Exclusive Package – Manpower * 1888, Ammo *1888, Ration *1888, Parts *1888, Battery *
    888, Aid Commission *20, Advanced Training Keycode *1888, and Advanced Training Data *1888 (2,888 Gems, February 1st to February 7th)
  • Tiger Year Exclusive Package – Manpower * 1888, Ammo *1888, Ration *1888, Parts *1888, Token *888, Battery *888, and Core *88 (3,888 Gems, February 1st to February 7th)
  • Daily Special Offer Package – Battery *100, Aid Commission *1, Advanced Training Keycode *200 (158 Gems, February 1st to February 28th, Only Purchasable Once Per Day)
  • There will also be a Monthly Gems Card Bonus, so any monthly gems card you obtain will be increased from 30 to 60 per day from February 1st to February 7th.

Finally, the following costumes will be added to the Black Card Exchange:

  • UMP9’s Bolero Dance Bird
  • UMP45’s Penrose Spiral
  • UMP40’s Kleines Ritornello
  • 417’s Percussive Bolero
  • Gr G11’s Chaotic Symphony



What a massive update this has been, and I certainly can’t wait to dig into Dual Randomness. It’ll be a bit before we see another update this massive, so sink your teeth in Commanders. Until next time, stay tuned for the latest Girls’ Frontline news and guides!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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