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Super Rare Originals | Featured

Today marks good news if you’re a fan of interesting video games. Super Rare Games has announced a new label called Super Rare Originals. What are Super Rare Originals, you ask? It’s an indie-first digital label for PC and consoles. And I don’t just mean Nintendo Switch. Several indies have already signed up to be part of this new label, and I’ll list 5 initial games coming to it below. But first, here’s a quick mission statement from SRG as to their drive with this particular venture:

Super Rare Originals | 5 Games

Having worked with 100s of developers across the last 4 years, we want to support talented indie devs long-term and hopefully help to start changing the industry to be more developer focused. We’re taking an ‘indie-first’ approach, as we believe publishers should feel honoured to work with developers, rather than the power dynamic being the other way around, as is often the case.

We only sign games we are genuinely, personally passionate about; as with all aspects of our business, our main motivator is simply wanting to work on cool things with cool people! While we hope to change the lives of our dev friends, even if a game were to release and break even, we’d still consider it a success to have worked on something awesome and continue to support the game and its developer long-term.

That’s pretty exciting news. But to get really hyped, read the following to see a handful of the games that are coming to Super Rare Originals:

Grapple Dog

Super Rare Originals | Grapple Dog

A mixture of platforming and lush 2D pixel art. Grapple across 6 different worlds to put a stop to robotic overlord Nul! You can wishlist it now on Steam, though Grapple Dog may also be coming to consoles.


Super Rare Originals | POST VOID

Enjoy some FPS action in a challenging arcade format. Keep your idol filled by slaying foes in procedurally generated levels. Rinse and repeat! POST VOID is coming to consoles.

The Gecko Gods

Super Rare Originals | The Gecko Gods

We’ve all played 3D platformers, but few have you playing a teeny gecko. Explore a vast island, solve perplexing puzzles, climb and eat bugs. Discover a lost civilization all in your quest to save a friend. You can wishlist The Gecko Gods on Steam now, with other consoles TBA.

Lone Ruin

Super Rare Originals | Lone Ruin

Fans of roguelike and twin-stick shooters that enjoy lots of replayability, rejoice! Lone Ruin has you playing an explorer looking for an immense source of power. Traverse the ruin set amidst eldritch goop, fight horrors and pray for success. Lone Ruin is confirmed for Steam with consoles TBA.

Completely Stretchy

Super Rare Originals | Completely Stretchy

If you enjoy crazy games, this one might be for you. Completely Stretchy is set in a surreal world with cartoony aesthetics. Use your sticky limbs to explore the Grobmi Isles. Talk with the inhabitants and become part of the world. You can wishlist it now on Steam, though other consoles haven’t been announced yet.

As some added bonus news, Super Rare Games has expanded as part of this venture. They recently hired Jason Perkins, founder of Curve Digital, as well as Tom King of Supermassive Games. If that wasn’t enough, an internal QA team is supplementing their core team. Meaning SRG keeps getting bigger and better.

Stay tuned to HPP for more news from Super Rare Games, especially more great news about Super Rare Originals!

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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