Rainbow Six Extraction Is Available Now With Full Cross-Play And Progression

If It Bleeds We Can Kill It

After a number of significant delays players are finally able to get their hands on Rainbow Six Extraction which is available now on consoles and PC.

Rainbow Six Extraction puts a Sci-Fi spin on the tactical co-op PVE experience introduced in Rainbow Six Seige. Rather than taking on criminals players will be pit against an alien threat that has decimated the United States. Players will battle through containment zones in four regions across America each of which has three levels and sub-levels within them. There’s a variety of objectives to complete in these deployment zones between rescuing hostages and clearing areas of alien enemies. To keep players on their toes these objectives as well as the placement of enemies are procedurally generated on each map.

Players can form teams of three and will have access to 18 operators taken from various titles in the Rainbow Six franchise. Each of the operators has been specifically chosen by Ubisoft and have their own REACT gear, weapons, and unique abilities. Upon every successful operation, players must make the tough decision of whether to push further into the containment zone or safely extract their operators. Venturing deeper into containment zones offers greater rewards but also tougher enemies who have been mutated. It’s up to players whether the risk is worth the reward, if an operator isn’t safely extracted from an operation then they’ll be declared MIA and temporarily unavailable.

Ubisoft has promised plenty of free post-launch content for Rainbow Six Extraction as well as an “evolving endgame” available at launch. Disappointingly, the buddy system is facing a short delay in order to ensure that servers run smoothly over launch. Once the buddy system goes live players will be able to invite two of their friends to play online with them from any platform for a maximum of 14 days, even if they don’t own Rainbow Six Extraction. Cross-play, Cross-save, Cross Progression will all be available at launch.

The Standard Edition of Rainbow Six Extraction is available now for $39.99 and gives players access to free post-launch content. The Deluxe Edition is $49.99 and offers the REACT Strike Pack, Deluxe Pack, Noxious Pack, and a 10% discount for the in-game shop. If you’re a Game Pass you’re a subscriber you’re in luck as Rainbow Six Extraction is available day one.

We really enjoyed Rainbow Six Extraction and feel it’s a natural next step for the formula and gameplay established in Seige, you can check out our review here.

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