Arknights Celebrates 2 Year Anniversary With Vacation-Themed Event

Arknights Breaks in the New Year With Fun in the Sun for Their 2nd Anniversary

Greetings, Doctors. It’s the time for Arknight’s 2nd anniversary, and what better way to celebrate the middle of a harsh winter with a summer holiday getaway! The new side story event coming up will be accompanied by a login event, and if you haven’t already checked out the official webpage for the event, that can net you even more rewards. Without further delay, let’s check out all the goodies!

To get this party started off right, you should absolutely watch this stunning PV animation the official Arknights channel put out for this beachside festival.

The first thing to note is the messages you’ll probably be receiving in your in-game mailbox if you’ve been playing for any length of time. Pop in to collect a free 5-Star Guard named Savage, a free 5-Star from a selection of Liskarm, Projekt Red, Silence, or Pramanix, a Senior Operator Transfer Permit that’s good for another free 5-Star Operator from an even larger selection of 5-Star Operators, and 5 Originium for the maintenance compensation.

Next, you’ll want to check out is the official page for this holiday vacation. First thing you should do is log in with your Yostar account to you can net the rewards here. Once you’ve done that, head to the Interviews section by scrolling down, then you’ll click on one of the characters to start the interview. All of this is just text conversation, and once it’s cycled through all the dialogue, you’ll get a choice of three different responses. Pick your favorite, respond, then you’ll see the rewards show up in your mailbox. Check out every one of these interviews for even more rewards.

There’ll also be a limited-time log-in event, where just logging in will get you a x10 Headhunting Permit for the event exclusive Headhunting banner called Holiday Stars. The big-ticket items for this Headhunting banner are the Six-Star Guard Ch’en the Holungday, Six-Star Specialist Mizuki, and Five-Star Guard La Pluma. Adding to this are even more login rewards for consecutive days, consisting of Battle Records, LMD, and exclusive furniture. There’ll also be a daily free roll for the exclusive Headhunting Banner from January 14th to January 28th. Another nice reward addition is the Dossoles Amazing Wall Open. Every day you can pick Beating Tickets. These tickets will give you a randomized amount of Orundum, from 200 to 800. You draw two, and whichever is the highest amount is the amount you get.

Now for the big event: Dossoles Holiday’s Side Story. This event will be open from January 14th to February 11th, and you’ll need to have up to Main Storyline 1-10 to participate in the event. There’ll be three phases of Event Stages for this event, all with different parts and rewards. There’s two different currencies you can earn. The first is Miss Ch’en Commemorative Medal, and it can be exchanged in the Honors Showcase to unlock special photos (used to unlock special stages) and other rewards like LMD, Elite Materials, Stickers, and the Five-Star Guard, Tequila.

The second currency is Mama John’s Vouchers, which you can get by clearing event stages and getting a new event-exclusive equipment called Stickers, and these can be exchange at Mama John’s. If you’re craving pizza now, join the club. The rewards you can get from here consist of LMD, Furniture Parts, Elite Materials, Furniture Pieces for the Dossoles Private Spa set, and Tequila’s Tokens.

Next up, we have the Coral Coast Collection set to show up for the Outfit Store. Mudrock, Projekt Red, Sideroca, and Jaye will all have costumes available in the store. Also, you can pick up Sussurro’s Summer Flower FA026 costume from the Mama John’s event shop.


Moving on now, there’ll be a 2nd Anniversary Vacation Kit, available for $73 and coming with a wide selection of premium Arknights merchandise.

Lastly, if you haven’t checked it out, the Arknights 2nd Anniversary Livestream can be viewed below. There’s anything from new content releases to top five’s and top ten’s to check out, so do view the goodies and beautiful island theme that makes us all wish for summer to come back already.

This 2nd Anniversary is absolutely packed to the brim with goodies, so go soak up the sun and rewards Doctors! That’s all for now, but stay tuned for more of the latest Arknights news!

Cory Clark
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