Warframe Starts Last Chance Segment for Prime Resurgence Event

Warframe’s Prime Resurgence Event Nears Its End With Part 1 of the Last Chance Lineup

Greetings, Tenno. The Priming is reaching its finale as the next rotation for Warframe’s Prime Resurgence arrives. This time around, not only are we getting Nyx Prime, Rhino Prime, and all of their corresponding weapons and armor, but we’re also getting a lovely selection of everything that came from the first four weeks, consisting of Mag, Nova, Limbo, Trinity, Mesa, Hydroid, Volt, Loki and all of the weapons and Prime armor that came with them. We’ve already covered all of these individual weeks, but we’ll post a few links so you can see what all is available. Also, if you’re just now hearing about this, you can check out this article here to get caught up. For now, here are the links to the first four weeks:

Week 1: Mag & Nova

Week 2: Limbo & Trinity

Week 3: Mesa & Hydroid

Week 4: Loki & Volt

With all of those in place, let’s take a look at the special goodies we’re getting for the Last Chance stage of the Prime Resurgence event.

Nyx Prime

Many moons ago, Nyx was meant to be an alternate female frame for Excalibur during the Pre-Alpha stages. Since that didn’t pan out, this Warframe became the goddess of the mind, Nyx. While her abilities don’t quite mesh too well with each other, she’s not as useless as people might think. Her second ability has become quite a boon for those hunting anything with excessive armor or shields, and her Mind Control ability, when used on the right targets, can add some versatility to those looking for a solid solo Frame. Nyx Prime gets a +25 to Shields and Armor over her base form.

Health 100 (300 at R30)
Shields 125 (375 at R30)
Armor 125
Energy 150 (225 at R30)

Rhino Prime

Rhino is a tank in all but name, and has been around since the early days of Warframe. There’s an almost elegance to just punching something to death. No gimmicks, no calculations (unless you really want the most out of Iron Skin), just you, your fists, and people that should be running from the rampaging Warframe. Rhino Prime gets a +50 to armor over his base form.

Health 100 (300 at R30)
Shields 150 (450 at R30)
Armor 225
Energy 100 (150 at R30)

Hikou Prime

These sleek shuriken act as one of the rare ranged throwing weapons to get a Prime variant, and, so far, are the only shuriken to get a Prime as well. While their damage doesn’t quite keep up with the Spira Prime, and the focus on Puncture over Slash messes up a Viral/Slash build, you can at least put some Multishot mods on and use Concealed Explosives for some high-yield shenanigans. It’s not the most potent thing, but giving these to my Wukong Prime’s Celestial Twin caused some pretty violent (but hilarious) crowd control.

Accuracy 100
Fire Rate 5.83
Magazine Size 26
Max Ammo 210
Reload Time 0.5 s
Total Damage 36
Crit Chance 6%
Crit Multiplier 1.8x
Multishot 1 (36 damage per projectile)


Scindo Prime


Few things are more brutal and intimidating than a battleaxe and the Scindo Prime stands tall as Warframe’s Prime tool for beheading. The already high base damage gets a bump, it’s got great critical chance and critical multiplier, and has a fantastic Riven Disposition. With the proper mods, this weapon’s power can match and even exceed the Galatine Prime. There’s a good reason this slash-happy slaughtering tool remains my personal go-to for butchery and violent execution. Remember folks, if a firm beheading isn’t the answer to your enemies, then you aren’t axe-ing the right questions.

Total Damage 250
Crit Chance 26%
Crit Multiplier 2.4x
Attack Speed 0.967
Status Chance 24%

Boltor Prime


The Boltor Prime is one of the earlier primary weapons to get a Prime variant, essentially being a fun mix between an assault rifle and a nailgun. With an already high Puncture damage getting a buff in the Prime version, this gun’s got a great potential for armor-piercing. Sadly, that’s about all you can really get out of this one. While its stats don’t quite match up with Prime assault rifles released later, it is still safe to say that stapling people to the wall is infinitely fun, so if you see potential in that, there’s no reason not to pick up a gilded nailgun.

Accuracy 50
Fire Rate 10
Magazine Size 60
Max Ammo 540
Reload Time 2.4 s
Total Damage 46
Crit Chance 12%
Crit Multiplier 2x
Multishot 1 (46 damage per projectile)
Status Chance 34%

Ankyros Prime


The Ankyros Prime is logical conclusion to adding blades to brass knuckles. The ring-like blade on these gauntlets allow for some wild and potent punching power. While the Tekko Prime outmatch it in terms of raw stats, the Ankyros still have capability as a status chance tool, with some critical combo builds being viable as well with the right Rivens. It requires a little effort to bring out the best of these gauntlets, but they still got some fight left in them.

Total Damage 128
Crit Chance 28%
Crit Multiplier 2.4x
Attack Speed 1.25
Status Chance 16%

That’s it for this round, but keep in mind that this lineup only lasts for a week, then it’ll rotate to the next lineup in the event’s schedule, which you can see in full below.

Until next time, Tenno. Stay tuned for the latest Warframe news and guides!

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