Warframe Prime Resurgence Week 8 Has Begun

Pumped and Primed for Warframe: Prime Resurgence Round 8 (Ember & Frost)

Greetings, Tenno. The Priming continues as the next rotation for the Prime Resurgence arrives. This time around, we’re looking at Ember Prime and Frost Prime, along with some corresponding weapons and prime armor, as pictured below:

Just now, hearing about this event? Check out this article here to get caught up. Wondering what’s what and if any of it’s worth farming for? I’ll be giving some brief overviews of the Warframes and weapons that’ll be in this round down below, all with prime pictures courtesy of my Tenno partner and gaming buddy, Alex!


Frost Prime

Warfrrame’s first and only ice-themed Frame, focused mainly on a thoroughly applicable bubble-shield and a decent set of offensive skills, though, he sadly does start to show his age. As other defense-oriented frames take the stage, Gara Prime, in particular, he will oftentimes find himself outclassed in his field. That said, if you’re still set to brave the winter storm, he’s far from unusable. His Prime variant boasts a +25 to Shields, and that’s about it.

  • Health 100
  • Shields 175
  • Armor 300
  • Energy 100


A frigid energy blast that freezes targets in their tracks.

Ice Wave
Sends a wave of razor-sharp, crystallized ice toward an enemy, dealing heavy damage.

Snow Globe
Frost deep freezes any vapor and moisture in the area, creating a protective sphere with brief invulnerability to boost its strength.

Summons a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes and shatters all enemies in its radius.


Ember Prime

The fire to Frost’s ice, Ember was one of the earlier frames to get a rework done to her, to mostly positive results. Her kit is very offensive-focused, with an emphasis on Fire damage, crowd control, and a surprising amount of survivability. She outright screws over anything that’s armored, and her Immolation ability can allow for some very solid living ability in drawn-out fights. That said, her kit’s a little more calculated than the normal Warframe, so you might want to do a touch of research before diving in. Her Prime variant gets a healthy +25 to Armor and Shields over her base form.

  • Health 100
  • Shields 125
  • Armor 150
  • Energy 150


Charge and release a fiery projectile that ignites enemies on contact.

Protect Ember with flame armor that burns stronger over time, consuming energy once its meter is at full strength. Cast again to extinguish the flame.

Energy Drain at Max Heat: (10 + 0.5t) s-1
t = time at max heat in seconds

Fire Blast
Slam the ground to create a wave of incinerating plasma that knocks back enemies and strips their armor.

Command a flaming comet to crash down in front of ember, engulfing enemies with a fire that can spread through their ranks.


Glaive Prime

Warframe’s had its share of odd weapons, but this one has a special place in the weird pool. The glaive’s past extends to Digital Extreme’s much older game, Dark Sector, and features some rather unique abilities. For one, this weapon can be wielded and thrown while holding a single-handed sidearm weapon. You can thrown and retrieve the weapon while still using your sidearm, and even buffer future throws. Reloading still reloads your weapon, even if the Glaive seems like it’d break the reload. Another thing to note is that it has a guaranteed Impact and Slash proc, and using the Heavy Attack will cause the Glaive to explode midflight, returning shortly after. This weapon is highly versatile but it has a bit of a learning curve and requires some fiddli8ng with mods to bring out its full potential, but the guaranteed Impact/Slash procs, increased critical rate and faster attack speed, and overall utility make this weapon quite a blast from the past and worth trying out.

  • Total Damage 164
  • Crit Chance 22%
  • Crit Multiplier 2x
  • Attack Speed 1.25

Latron Prime

The aesthetic here is Prime, but sadly, this rifle’s falling on hard times. The gun dares to make a meaty, forceful round out of every shot, but the power just doesn’t quite add up to the lowered clip size and really high recoil. It feels like a DMR without the power behind the kick. If you’re interested anyways, I’d advise putting Double Tap on it and upping the power a little more than usual, but otherwise, you might consider the Tiburon Prime for a better Prime rifle experience.

  • Accuracy 28.6
  • Fire Rate 4.17
  • Magazine Size 15
  • Max Ammo 540
  • Reload Time 2.4 s
  • Total Damage 90
  • Crit Chance 22%
  • Crit Multiplier 2.8x
  • Multishot 1 (90 damage per projectile)

Reaper Prime

From solid Slash damage to a higher critical and status chance over its base form, if you don’t fear the scythe stance mods, you’d do well making enemies fear the Reaper Prime. It’s got the best critical chance of all scythes and has really quick speed  even before modding, but it’s gonna take some time to get used to the scythe stance mods. The changeup to melee really worked some wonky magic for those stances. Still, if you happen to find this little hidden gem out of the relics, you’ll find the Reaper Prime to still hold up well.

  • Total Damage 200
  • Crit Chance 35%
  • Crit Multiplier 2.5x
  • Attack Speed 1.08

Sycarus Prime

A solid little pistol, similar in a lot of ways to the Lex Prime, but offers burst fire instead of a semi-automatic experience. A word of advice, bring up the rate of fire so the bursts feel less spaced out and more like one solid round. You’ll get an upgrade to overall damage, critical chance, and magazine size, among others, so if you manage to round up the parts, or didn’t get the chance to get the Lex Prime, it’s hard to go wrong with the Sicarus.

  • Accuracy 25
  • Fire Rate 9.38
  • Magazine Size 24
  • Max Ammo 210
  • Reload Time 2 s
  • Total Damage 50
  • Crit Chance 25%
  • Crit Multiplier 2x
  • Fire Rate 9.38
  • Multishot 1 (50 damage per projectile)

That’s it for this round, but keep in mind that this lineup only lasts for a week, then it’ll rotate to the next lineup in the event’s schedule, which you can see in full below.

Until next time, Tenno. Stay tuned for the latest Warframe news and guides!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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