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Fan Campaign Launched To Boycott Star Wars: Eclipse

There Could Be A Disturbance In The Force For Star Wars: Eclipse A group of fans has come together to call on gamers to boycott Star Wars: Eclipse due to the troubling reports of developer Quantic Dream fostering a toxic workplace culture. Star Wars: Eclipse was unveiled last week…

After The Fall Review (PC)

Stalking In A Winter Wonderland   Developed by Vertigo Games, After The Fall is probably best described as Left 4 Dead: VR Edition. It’s a co-op shooter that pits up to four players against droves of ravenous undead. With unscripted encounters that vary from session to session, safe houses…
The Order

Sony Renews Trademark For The Order: 1886

It Could Mean Something Or It Could Mean Nothing Well, this is a surprise to be sure, Sony has just renewed the trademark for its divisive third-person shooter The Order: 1886.  Released way back in 2015, The Order: 1886 was highly anticipated but ultimately missed the mark on release.…

Looking For Aliens Review (PC)

Looking For Aliens Review: Look at me — I am SETI now Earth — such a puny, backwater world. They’re still a Type 0 Civilization, I mean can you imagine? They haven’t even landed one of their own on the planet closest to them, and we’re supposed to call…
Castle Morihisa | Featured

Castle Morihisa Slays to PC and Switch in Early 2022

Uncover the Secrets of Castle Morihisa    Here’s some news I was not expecting to share anytime soon. Castle Morihisa, a deck-based strategy rogue-like by Thermite Games set in a haunted feudal Japan, is coming to Steam and Switch in early 2022! I had the chance to demo it…
HPP Download Variant 2

Nintendo Download for 12/16/21

Nintendo Download: Nearly Xmas Edition   I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again – the best Nintendo Downloads happen after Direct style events. And since the Indie World presentation was just yesterday, you can be certain the Nintendo Download for 12/16/21 is packed with fun stuff. There’s several…

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