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Quake Remaster Gets Big Update, New Content

A new update of seismic proportions. A few months back we saw the release of the Quake remaster. It was pretty fine, introducing the beloved landmark FPS to a new generation while reminding veterans why they fell in love with it in the first place. Support is still going…
Steel Sky Guide

How To Get Into Union City In Beyond A Steel Sky

Beyond A Steel Sky Guide: How To Get Into Union City Robert Foster has traversed the barren Gaplands while trying to track down Milo, a kidnapped child from his village. Foster’s search has led him to the gates of Union City, and while it would be simple enough to…
HPP Download | Variant 3

Nintendo Download for 12/2/21

Let Winter Begin!   It may be the first Nintendo Download of December, but it’s not time for presents just yet. That said, there are some interesting featured games for the Nintendo Download for 12/2/21, not to mention some worthy promotions. And that’s on top of the regular stuff.…
once in flowerlake

Once in Flowerlake Review (PC)

Once in Flowerlake Review: Routine, Schmoutine There’s so much importance placed on friendships that “last forever.” Like if you’re still in contact with your friends you made back in your childhood, they matter more than the ones you made at work, online, or through gaming. Almost no recognition is…

Firegirl Hacks and Splashes to PC Release Date

Get Ready For the Heat in Rogue-lite Firegirl   If you’re a fan of unusual rogue games, this news is for you. Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue, published by Thunderful Games and developed by Dejima Games, officially has a release date. At least for PC. Firegirl is coming to…

Olympia Soirée Review (Switch)

Olympia Soirée Review: A Rainbow Connection     I can’t help but feel as though Otome visual novels always have something unique to offer. Now, to be fair, this could be the fact that I haven’t played too many of them talking—and it’s pretty typical for new experiences to…

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