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Lucky’s Tale Review (Oculus Quest 2)

Lucky’s Tale Review: Pure Platforming Magic   Initially released alongside the Oculus Rift in 2016, Lucky’s Tale was an excellent showcase of how VR could breathe new life into the platformer genre. Now, five years and a successful non-VR sequel later, developer Playful Corp. has returned to deliver a…

Girls’ Frontline Back Online From December 7th Maintenance Update

Girls’ Frontline Brings In the Cheer For Its December 7th Maintenance Update. Greetings Commanders, it’s that wonderful time of year again for Girls’ Frontline! With Christmas rolling around the corner, it’s time for the Christmas outfits to make their reappearance, along with adding in a much-requested gift of a…

White Shadows Review (PC)

White Shadows Review: A Haunting Dystopian Adventure   White Shadows is a fascinating title. Not only is it the first game developed by Monokel, but it’s also a stark and nuanced look at society. While it takes place in a world of humanoid animals, it’s very clear they serve…

Warframe Prime Resurgence Week 4 Has Begun

Pumped and Primed for Warframe: Prime Resurgence Round 4 (Loki & Volt)   Greetings, Tenno. The Priming continues as we rotate in Week 4 for the Prime Resurgence event for Warframe. Today, we’re looking at Loki Prime and Volt Prime, along with some corresponding weapons and prime armor, as…

The New War Is Right On Mark to Be Warframe’s Best Story Update Yet

Digital Extremes Is Upping The Ante With Warframe’s Latest Story Update, The new War   Warframe developer Digital Extremes has been teasing players with a massive war for quite some time, drip-feeding little story nuggets like Erra and The Maker, showing that Natah and her Sentient Warlord brother, Erra,…
epic chef

Epic Chef Review (Switch)

Epic Chef Review: Welcome to Flavortown Things are looking up for Zest; he just got a deal of a lifetime on a house — nay, mansion — and it has all the amenities anyone could ever hope for. The place is furnished, the farmlands are magically fertile, the house…

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