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HPP Nintendo Download

Nintendo Download for 12/9/21

The Loop Begins Anew   It’s time for the Nintendo Download for 12/9/21. This week has several fantastic featured games, the expansion of the N64 Online, sales and the usual digital stockings full of fun. But let’s start with a game I’m very eager to dig into shortly…  …
To the Rescue!

To The Rescue! Review (PC)

To The Rescue! Review: Adopt until you drop! Reviewing games is interesting — you can never tell from the cover alone which games you’ll just go through the paces with and which ones will sink their teeth into you. It doesn’t matter if the game isn’t the prettiest or…

Vestaria Saga Gaiden Getting English Release in 2022

Enjoy Classic SRPG Action in 2022   Strategy RPGs are wonderful things. They’re full of complex stories, intricate mechanics and lovable characters. And because it feels like they’re less in vogue than in past years, it’s exciting to hear about a new upcoming SRPG. Especially when it’s been developed…

OneShot Coming To Consoles In Honor of 5th Anniversary

Break the Fourth Wall on Consoles with OneShot   Good news today if you’re a fan of playing unique games on consoles. DANGEN Entertainment and Future Cat LLC announced that, in honor of its 5th anniversary, OneShot is coming to consoles! Specifically coming to Switch, PS4 and Xbox One,…

Firegirl Heats Things Up With PC Launch Trailer

Only YOU Can Prevent Blazing Fires!   Those that enjoy rogue games with eye-catching retro art should get ready for Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue. It’s slated to release on PC in just about a week, on December 14th. And while the console releases have unfortunately been pushed back…

Monster Bash HD Review (PC)

Monster Bash HD Review: Back from the Dead     I am familiar with Apogee Entertainment through everyone’s favorite proprietary software format of the ’90s—Shareware! I hate to date myself, but many of my first PC gaming experiences happened on it: Apogee’s own Commander Keen and Duke Nukem, and…

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