Here’s Everything Revealed From Genshin Impact’s 2.4 Livestream

Genshin Impact’s 2.4 Update Braves the Murky Blue as Enkanomiya Approaches!

Greetings Travelers, the Genshin Impact 2.4 Livestream has ended, and it’s time for us to take a look at all the goodies and events that will come with the 2.4 patch!

First and foremost, here’s the Primogem codes for this livestream:



The big catch of this patch is going to be the brand new area to explore called Enkanomiya, a land hidden under the depths of Watatsumi Island in Inazuma. This will be an entire new land to explore, with unique mechanics tied to day and night. The day and night cycle for Enkanomiya is artificial, meaning you can make these changes at will, with mechanics around the new area following suit. In addition, there will be new enemies, like the Bathysmal Vishaps or the Pyro Abyss Herald.

Next up, we’re looking at some of the new characters we’ll be seeing. The first of the bunch is Shenhe, a Cryo Polearm Five-Star character, and disciple of Cloud Retainer.

Second to arrive will be Yun Jin, an opera performer set to be a Geo Polearm Four-Star character.

As far as banners go, here’s the order we’re looking at!

Adding to an already stellar banner lineup, we’ll be seeing some new Hangout Events show up as well for Ningguang and Yun Jin!


For weapons this time around, we have the new Five-Star Spear, the Calamity Queller, with a pale blue that looks more than suited for Shenhe.

Now for the big events to come this year, and the first one already looks promising. The Lanturn Rite returns with a sequence of new and exciting mini-events! The first of these is the Flameplume Starflower Event that details making fireworks for this year’s Lanturn Rite Festival. Second is the Wondrous Shadows event that has you taking a light sculpture and rotating it to reveal an image made by the shadows. The third event is called The Great Gathering and will entail gathering materials scattered by the Jade Chamber when it was destroyed. You’ll be taking the Waverider for this on the oceanic parts of this, and taking down Treasure Hoarders for the pieces on land. The final section to this grand revisit to the Lanturn Rite is called Oceanic Defender, which entails you beating up Osial yourself in a special battle arena!

Some of the rewards to be featured will include Primogems, Mora, Mystic Enhancement Crystals, and Hero’s Wit, as well as the Prosperous Partnerships, which will allow you to select one free Four-Star character to join your party.

In addition, we’ll be receiving two new costumes! The first one is a freebie, and features Ningguang in a stunning midnight blue dress. Keqing will be getting a costume, purchasable at a discounted rate for the Lanturn Rite.

There’ll be a login event starting up after the version 2.4 update that’ll give out a plethora of goodies, including 10 Intrepid Fates.

The next event we’ll be looking at will be called A Study in Potions. It works in the way that there are four domains, all customizable via changing up buffs and debuffs with a score multiplier that will change in kind. Also, when you use certain characters for a trial, they’ll go on cooldown where you can’t use them until you beat another trial. The trick here is that you can take in different potions that will grant different effects, so there’ll be a level of strategy here on both party setup and potion application.

The event called Eight Locales Over Mountains and Seas will feature traveling with a bake-danuki named Kichiboushi around Teyvat. You’ll be broadening the horizons of the little tanuki, visiting scenic Mondstadt and Liyue with the critter.

For those that enjoyed the Prop Hunt-esque game, Windtrace, will be happy to know that it’s getting a rerun here soon! For those uninitiated, Windtrace is pretty much a game of hide and seek, where you get to dress up as random pieces of furniture and environment as a Hunter seeks you out. With the potential for perks and buffs, it was an overall hit for the Genshin community when it came out.

There are also going to be a few tweaks to the UI. First of all, the Quick Select Wheel can now be customized for those that use the wheel.

You can also now select different regions to quickly hop to that area on the map. Also, we’ll be seeing a new type of furniture come to the Serenitea Pot system that lets you adjust what music you want playing in your realm.

Finally, the last bit of news for the night, we’ll be seeing The Stellar Moments Vol. 2 coming up soon, featuring a plethora of custom-tailored tunes for each and every character Genshin Impact has to offer, composed by HOYO-MiX.

You can check out the livestream in full below to see all this awesome new stuff in action.

That’s all for this livestream coverage, but please do let us know down in the comments below what part you’re looking forward to the most for 2.4! Until next time, stay tuned for more of the latest Genshin Impact news and guides!

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