Looking For Aliens Review (PC)

Looking For Aliens Review: Look at me — I am SETI now

looking for aliens

Earth — such a puny, backwater world. They’re still a Type 0 Civilization, I mean can you imagine? They haven’t even landed one of their own on the planet closest to them, and we’re supposed to call them intelligent lifeforms? *sigh* Well whatever. In the very least, they’re a pretty interesting bunch, and they make for great entertainment. In fact, Earth is such a popular vacation and filming spot — don’t believe me? Take a trip there yourself! Just be sure to disguise yourself or find a good hiding spot, since they have no idea we exist and all. Safe travels!

Looking For Aliens may not have the most coherent plotline, but it makes up for it with humor and heart. A hidden objects game developed by Yustas Game Studio and published by Alawar Entertainment (Song of Farca, Do Not Feed The Monkeys), Looking For Aliens is a ridiculous, fun hidden object puzzler available on Steam for the fair price of $12.99. With 25 busy and bizarre levels filled to the brim with things to find, Looking For Aliens will certainly keep fans of the genre happily seeking alien lifeforms for hours on end.

Looking For Aliens

The way Looking For Aliens is set up is interesting: players are walked through each of the 25 levels as if they were watching a TV channel filled with different shows and hosts. The outrageous host/s of the show introduce the concept, such as a PSA about picnicking on Earth or a reality show where aliens must pretend to be a human family. Once the explanation is finished, players are let loose to seek out a list of items, running the gamut from a bunch of aliens to questionable food. Good luck trying to find these items, by the way — they’re like extraterrestrial needles in a terrestrial haystack.

To dive deeper into the items, Looking For Aliens has three separate item categories: first, the collector’s card, one in each level and 25 in all. They’re the easiest to find, by the way, as they ✨sparkle✨ when you’re close to them. Next up are the plural items — one type of item repeated throughout the level. One level might ask you to find 10 pink aliens, while another will demand you find 25 robots. Finally, the individual items, which change from level to level. You’ll need to hit a threshold before moving onto the next level, such as finding 9 out of 12 items, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Looking For Aliens

Looking For Aliens has really fun aesthetics, both in visuals and audio. Each level has a predominately dual color scale, like brown and orange or green and blue, so looking for items quickly becomes based on trying to find specific pops of color. For example, if you’re supposed to find an alien with a blue hat, the game quickly devolves into just clicking around on anything blue. I’m luckily not colorblind, but it’s possible someone who is will have trouble here. As for the audio, the music is really fun, but cinematic in a Flubber/We Love Katamari kind of way. This keeps it interesting, but can quickly become annoying to some if you find this kind of music distracting. With all that being said, I appreciated the risks taken in the aesthetics, as they really went out of their way to make an original-feeling game.

I don’t have too many complaints for Looking For Aliens that I haven’t already covered as potential issues, but I will say that I wish the hint system was perhaps a bit better for the plural items. Everything else tells you something helpful, like “seek a high vantage point” or “this was delivered to the wrong metro station.” When it comes to the plural items, there are no hints whatsoever, so you’re really on your own for those in a sea of absolute chaos at times. My only real complaint in an otherwise really fun hidden object game, so please don’t let that stop you if Looking For Aliens sounds up your alley.

Looking For Aliens is a very silly hidden objects game that has just as many alien and pop culture references to seek as there are hidden objects. If I’m being honest, the biggest surprise was how long the game was — I didn’t expect to spend double digit hours poking around all the corners of the universe searching for random items, but I guess life comes at you fast like that. If you’re looking for kooky, casual fun, Looking For Aliens is easy to find.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5

Available on: PC (reviewed); Publisher: Alawar Entertainment; Developer: Yustas Game Studio; Players: 1; Released: December 8, 2021; MSRP: $12.99

Editor’s note: This review is based on a retail copy of Looking For Aliens provided by the publisher.

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