PS Now Games For December Include GTA III Definitive Edition And Final Fantasy X/X2

A Strong Line Up Of Remastered Classics And Indie Darlings

PlayStation Now is closing out 2021 in style with a number of strong additions to the streaming service which will all be available tomorrow.

First up is the remastered version of GTA III featured in Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition. It’s well known that the remastered trilogy had a very troubled launch, but GTA III is a classic that paved the first steps in Grand Theft Auto becoming what it is today. The Definitive Edition features upgraded environments, textures, and lighting along with refined controls. It’s a good opportunity for PS Plus subscribers to dip their toes in the water and try out the remastered version of GTA III for themselves at no extra cost. Unfortunately GTA III will not be a permanet addition and will only be available until January 31st, 2022.

PlayStation is also continuing the trend of bringing a new Final Fantasy title each month to PlayStation Now with the beloved Final Fantasy X/X2 remaster being the newest addition. Final Fantasy X is a fan-favourite of the series for it’s emotional story which follows Tidus who is the guardian of the summoner Yuna as they attempt to defeat the supernatural monster, Sin. The sequel picks up two years later and follows Yuna and an all-female party as they travel the world as sphere hunters.

John Wick: Hex puts players in the shoes of Baba Yaga himself with action-strategy gameplay. The story serves as a prequel to the films as John must rescue Winston and Charon from the criminal organisation, Hex. Players will have access to new suits, weapons and locations as they progress through the main story. John has limited ammo and every weapon has their own advantage and disagvantages, so careful strategy is key.

Splitlings is a multiplayer arcade offering for up to four players in which players must clear the screen of bouncing bubbles. The game takes co-operative multiplayer to a new level and encourages team work. If one of the splitling fails, then the entire team has to restart the level. Splitlings has over 100 different levels as well as an arcade and party mode.

It was recently reported that PS Now’s future could be in doubt as Sony are planning on restructuring PS Plus and PS Now as a tiered streaming service to rival Xbox Games Pass. Until we hear an official announcement from Sony however, assume that it’s business as usual going forward.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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