Quake Remaster Gets Big Update, New Content

A new update of seismic proportions.Honey - the new episode.

A few months back we saw the release of the Quake remaster. It was pretty fine, introducing the beloved landmark FPS to a new generation while reminding veterans why they fell in love with it in the first place. Support is still going strong, with regular updates adding new content like bots and maps. The latest such patch is a real big ‘un, it is, with even more dark delights.

Aside from the requisite bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, a new Horde Mode has been added. That’s right: now you can electrocute endless Lovecraftian horrors until you succumb to your inevitable demise or simply decide to exit once a certain number of waves is reached. Bleak as this may seem, you can rope in some mates to tackle the beasts or enlist the help of the aforementioned bots. It’s a great way to let off some steam if you just want to mindlessly shoot things and it includes some really pretty new maps.

Speaking of maps, a new mini-campaign has been added called Honey. These couple of levels put Ranger in charge of clearing out the infested underbelly of a quaint village. It was originally hosted on Quaddicted nearly a decade ago and has been fixed and expanded to be included as an official part of the remaster. The architecture is gorgeous and the atmosphere is beautifully oppressive.

Additionally, players can log in with their Bethesda.net credentials in-game to earn the Ranger Slayer Skin for DOOM Eternal and the Quakeguy Ranger Skin with the Gladus Axe in Quake Champions, if these games already exist in their libraries.

What are you waiting for? Strafe on over to the game’s Steam page if you’ve not yet obtained your copy. In the meantime, check out the trailer below and let us know about your Quake experiences in the comments section!

Delano Cuzzucoli
Delano is a lifelong gamer who resides in the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. He's also a political student, artist, geek, writer, historian, skeptic, linguaphile, IT nerd and electronic music fan. An eccentric lover of the strange and beautiful who is equal parts harmony and discord.

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