How To Get Into Union City In Beyond A Steel Sky

Beyond A Steel Sky Guide: How To Get Into Union City

Robert Foster has traversed the barren Gaplands while trying to track down Milo, a kidnapped child from his village. Foster’s search has led him to the gates of Union City, and while it would be simple enough to stroll in, there’s a number of tasks Foster has to complete. There are three key tasks to complete in order to get into Union City which we’ll break down in individual sections.

        Get Ember’s DEET From Big Steve

As Foster approaches the city walls he’ll be approached by the community welfare droid CPU who encourages Foster to register himself as a citizen. You can try and quiz CPU about Milo’s whereabouts or if there’s been any sign of the stalker vehicle, but she can’t help you until you’re registered. Follow the glowing purple hand sides to the immigration terminal. Interact with the terminal and Foster will get his own U-Chip and a temporary I.D.

Once you’ve got yourself registered take some time to explore the city walls. If you head over to the playground on the opposite end of the city walls you’ll cross paths with a red-haired girl,  Ember, who you previously encountered in the Gaplands. Talk with Ember and she’ll explain that she’s a trader and that her DEET (Data Transfer Tool) was taken by Big Steve, a giant Gang Gang Bird. Big Steve can be found roaming the city walls, but don’t try to get the DEET just yet.

Continue exploring the playground and you’ll meet Ember’s brother Pixel. If you question Pixel about Milo’s disappearance and the stalker he’ll mention that his brother Voxel has been hiding from a monster for the past two days. There are two ways to get Voxel’s location; you can offer Pixel a can of Spankles from the vending machine, or use your crowbar in your inventory to break the chain on the roundabout. Once you help Pixel he’ll reveal that Voxel is hiding inside a bench in the garden.

As you make your way over to the garden you’ll meet Wendell sitting outside his truck waiting to get into Union City. Wendell is transporting Mini-K sausages and offers up a ritual to open the back door to the truck. Make your way to the back of the truck, you’ll find a flock of Gang Gang Birds blocking the door, ignore them for now and head to the garden. Interact with the odd-looking bench and Voxel will emerge. Ask Voxel about Milo and the stalker, which he believes is a monster. Voxel has his doubts about you however when he asks about how you heard about the monster, choose the foster option and he’ll explain he’s a monster hunter. Voxel will then give you some firecrackers to help you on your way.

Head to the back of Wendell’s truck and throw the firecracker to make them scatter. Approach the door of the truck and perform the ritual; a bump on the door, a jig, and a pull. Take the Mini-K and approach Big Steve, you can now lure him with the scent of the Mini-K. Lure Big Steve over to the waterfall and throw the Mini-K, he’ll fly over, get a shock, and drop Ember’s DEET. Get the DEET and return it to Ember, she’ll then provide Foster with a citizen’s ID.

Get The Hacker


The bulk of the hard work is done but Foster still has a few obstacles to overcome before he can get into Union City. Approach the bridge where you’ll meet Hobsworth and repair the bollard. If you try your citizen’s ID on the panel for the bridge, you’ll find it doesn’t work. Make your way back to Ember who will give you the job of finding a Scanner. You can use your citizen’s ID to enter the hut in the garden and retrieve the Scanner. Take the scanner to Ember and she’ll convert it into a hacker after you trade her the android finger in your inventory. Use the hacker on the bridge controls and follow the tutorial, switching the control permissions will extend the bridge.

  Get The Power Cell 

Here’s the thing, you can only get into Union City with a Vehicle, Wendell has a truck but the battery is busted. Make your way over the bridge while avoiding the security system. There’s a small recycling robot hard at work, he’s installed with the power cell you need but of course, he’s not going to just give it to you. Head over to the conveyor belt on the left side of the junkyard. Use your hacker on the conveyor belt to rapidly increase the speed of the belt, which will distract the robot. The robot will become immobilised while investigating the conveyor belt, use this opportunity to steal his power cell. Make your way back to Wendell’s truck and fit the new power cell, speak to Wendell and he’ll offer you a ride into Union City.

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