How To Escape The Lodge In Saint Kotar

Saint Kotar Guide: How To Escape The Lodge


The opening puzzle in the spooky point-and-click adventure Saint Kotar finds our protagonist Benedek awakening in a dilapidated lodge with no memory of how he got there, sounds like a good night out. The environment is out of focus as Benedek is practically blind without his glasses. Move the cursor over the floor at Benedek’s feet and hit the left mouse button to pick up his glasses. With Benedek’s vision restored you now have the chance to get a good look at your surroundings, and the lodge isn’t exactly a summer home. Unless you’re a lover of all things spooky and like to have creepy masks on your wall as part of your decor. Benedek has little recollection from the night before and seeks answers from his sister, Viktoria. Take a minute to examine your surroundings and objects in the house. Any interactive objects can be displayed with the right mouse button, afterwards, make your way upstairs.



When you get upstairs you’ll meet Nikolay, Victoria’s Husband and Benedek’s Brother-in-law. Nikolay reveals that Viktoria is missing, he seems as perplexed as Benedek is about their current location and how they ended up there. He’ll ask Benedek to examine the painting, click on the painting to zoom in for a more detailed look, examine the figure’s eyes, mouth, and shadow. At this point, Nikolay will go over the night’s events and it seems that his recollection is very different from Benedek’s. The two men come to the conclusion that something sinister is afoot and resolve to leave the house in as peaceful a manner as possible. This is a puzzle game after all so you can’t just force your way out.


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The two men split up and you’ll be given control of Nikolay who decides to search downstairs for a way out. Of course, the front door is locked so you’ll have to search for a key. There’s a heavy bust on the right-hand side of the room that you’ll be tempted to use but Nikolay will be quick to remind you that forcing your way out is your last option. In other words, it’s not an option. While you’re here you can take a moment to examine the portrait of the woman on the wall which is deeply unsettling to Nikolay. In order to find the key, you should make your way over to the stoup beside the front door. Examine the stoup and you’ll find the key to the door floating in a pool of blood.



You’ll regain control of Benedek who is searching for a way out on his end. This will be your first opportunity to take a proper look around upstairs and examine the objects around the room. Remember, the right mouse button highlights objects you can interact with. Head to the balcony door and open the curtains to let a little light into the room. Benedek will attempt to open the door but finds that it’s stuck. Take a look at the gap under the door, it’s lodged with mud, preventing the door from opening. You’ll now have to find a way to get the door open. Notice the wardrobe on the right side of the room, if you open it you’ll find a coat rack that you can add to your inventory. Head back towards the balcony door, open your inventory, and combine the coat rack with the gap underneath the door. Once you get the door open you’ll be met with a horrifying scene, Nikolay will join Benedek and together they’ll examine the scene. The two resolve that they must find Viktoria and get answers. Head downstairs and leave the lodge.

Congratulations, you’re on your way to uncovering the mystery of Sveti Kotar.

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