Batwoman Season 3: A Lesson from Professor Pyg Review

I’m Super Comfy Here


Batwoman Season 3 | Roommates

I’m happy to say the latest episode of Batwoman Season 3 is a return to form. Not only does it successfully embrace horror in a big way, but it brings together several plot threads that had been dangling. It all starts simple, with Sophie suffering through Alice as her new roommate. They’re watching an old scary movie, which is perfect foreshadowing for what’s coming later on. Batwoman terrifies the two when she arrives unexpectedly to pick up Alice to check out a possible case. It’s a 911 call that might involve a stolen Batcave trophy. The corpse in question is hung up, possibly with Catwoman’s bullwhip. Though they quickly discover that’s not the case. See, apparently Catwoman’s whip has stolen Wayne nanotech, making it indestructible. And this whip is easily cut with a knife. So Batwoman leaves Alice to figure out who killed the man, while she goes to do something more harrowing – attend a dinner party hosted by Jada Jet.


It’s Not a Date, It’s Recon


Batwoman Season 3 | Recon Date

Ryan’s been doing damage control since Jada leaked Wayne financials last week. The company is in the red, but Ryan has a plan. Attend the dinner party, bug Jada’s office, and find something to salvage the situation. Sophie agrees to tag team Jada with her, and pretends to be Ryan’s girlfriend. There’s plenty of cute and awkward banter, but it seems to fool the ruthless business mogul mamma. When Sophie leaves to scour the office, Ryan confronts mother dearest, and finds Jada only wanted to warn her away from Marquis. Which of course is his cue to crash the party, angry that he wasn’t invited, and throwing all sorts of scorn at his sister.

There’s lots of great moments at the party, and Marquis’ date Zoe perfectly psychoanalyzes the family. When she goes to avoid the drama and freshen up, things start to go very wrong. Her hands aren’t moving properly, moments before the chef in a pig mask comes and slaughters her with a butcher knife. And if you’re a Batman fan, you know that means it’s time for none other than Lazlo Valentin, AKA Professor Pyg! Though a relatively new villain, and much creepier in the comic, he still does a wonderful job of conveying deranged menace and homicidal rage here. He was apparently fired years ago by Jada, lost his family and everything else. His solution is to drug the dinner party with a paralytic, and murder them all. Seems totally fair. Bad jokes aside, it’s a great setup for a very different episode. Ryan is totally bereft of not only her suit and tech, but her functioning body parts. Yet she still does amazing well for herself in this Batwoman Season 3 episode.


I Think We Found Our Girl


Batwoman Season 3 | Bindings

Alice is perky and confident again, and does a good job of narrowing down who the villain might be that strung up the victim by bullwhip. But in the process of going through files handed to her by Montoya, she realizes something more important. Renee isn’t after the stolen trophies just to be a good citizen. There’s a personal stake in it for her. Apparently she used to date a certain Pamela Isley before she became Poison Ivy. Now she’s trying to find her long lost love. Which might be tricky, since Montoya had told Batman to bury her underground, away from light and water. It would seem that now Montoya wants to save her lady love with Alice and Batwoman’s assistance.

Which is a great win for Alice, until her hallucinations come back. She had been crazy free for a few days, but then her visions return. It’s a situation I hope is explained soon, and preferably as more than just “she’s going crazier”. I think someone or something is trying to break what little sanity she has left, but I’m not sure why. Despite the odds stacked against her, Alice is still the only one to recognize something is wrong with Mary. Mary is suddenly incredibly thirsty for water and focused on issues like carbon footprints. She’s also much crueler and single-minded than usual. It’s clear now Ivy’s vine infected her with something that’s transforming her into another Poison Ivy. Which is bad for Montoya, since that means Pamela is underground and powerless as the darkest side of her finds a new host.


Wine and Family Drama Do Not Mix


Batwoman Season 3 | Poor Zoe

Back to the dinner party, it goes bad fast. The remaining members all lose control of their limbs as Professor Pyg reveals himself. Quick thinking on Ryan’s part puts a knife in his leg, and they all limp away at a painfully slow pace. She gets another good hit in when Pyg grabs Sophie’s leg, knocking the raving maniac down the stairs. They try to go outside, but find the doors locked and the cell signals jammed. Instead, Jada leads them all to the panic room she had installed. Which is a great fix, until Marquis starts to convulse and Pyg starts making a homemade explosive to smoke them out.


Time For the Professor to Teach Class How To Squeal


Batwoman Season 3 | Professor Pyg

Ryan does the heroic thing, and runs for the basement, where some epi-pen is stored. But she isn’t able to get to where it’s located on the shelf, and has the entire thing collapse on her before Pyg arrives. He wants to trade Ryan for the rest of the party, and Jada buys time. Ryan manages to jolt herself and the rest of the party back to reality with the epi-pen doses, and then something very surprising happens. Marquis saves the day, but in the most violent way possible, by murdering the hell out of Pyg.

Turns out, Marquis has been harboring a big secret. Jada reveals that as a child he was attacked by the Joker, and got zapped in the head by his hand buzzer. This had unforeseen consequences, and may have transformed the young boy into a sociopath. Because later he apparently murdered his own father via food allergy. So it might not be so unreasonable that Jada wants to freeze him until she can fix him. But I personally still don’t trust the woman.

Overall, a much better Batwoman Season 3 episode. Thanks for giving it a read, and be sure to tune in next week!

Final Verdict: 4/5

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