Genshin Impact Shadow of the Ancients Walkthrough

Conquer an Immortal Ruin Grader With This Shadow of the Ancients Walkthrough for Genshin Impact

Greetings Travelers, today we’re going over the Shadow of the Ancients event for Genshin Impact, starring one immortal, regenerating Ruin Grader and a Sumeru researcher eager to find someone to help him kill this abomination.

There are three stages to this, each one requiring different gameplay tricks. The first phase is to go hunting for some artifact parts, which is pretty simple. You’ll be given these things called Ayesha’s Chaos Prospector, which are used to survey areas designated on the map to have these artifact parts.

Simply get into the yellow circle where these things are meant to be used, make sure you’ve got them equipped, then use one in the area. You’ll notice it have a cone of light aimed in a direction. That’ll lead you closer to the direction you need to go to pinpoint these parts or any other little tidbits you might find. Do keep in mind that you can only have three on the field at a time, and trying to put down another when you’ve used all three will call back to your inventory, whichever one you put down earliest. When you’re close enough to a point, you’ll see an interactable beacon letting you know you can search there. There’s always four per searching area, but be warned as some of the interactions may summon enemies.

The next phase is to charge something called Pursina’s Spikes. You’ll be revisiting the four places from Phase 1, and you’ll need to have an Electro character on the field. Head over to one of the spots, take note of where the three Spikes are located at before you initiate the challenge.

Once you start the challenge, you’ll need to occasionally supply Electro energy, charging the meter near the name of the Spike. The higher the charge, the faster it accumulates the energy it needs. Thing is, you’ll have a bunch of enemies trying to attack the Spikes. You’ll need to defend them while also charging all of the three until they’re properly juiced up. Once they’re at 100%, you’re done with that one Spike, and it’ll no longer be attacked. Get all three to 100%, and you’re finished with that area’s challenge.

Finally, we get to actually making attempts to kill this thing in Phase 3, and you’ll be rewarded for your onslaught with a plethora of goodies tethered to challenges you can complete as you fight.

There’s a litte quest you’ll need to do first before you can officially proceed with this part of the event. You’ll need to head there and survey the area with the Chaos Prospector so you can put down the Pursina’s Spikes. It’s just like the first phase, follow the beacon for some guess and check. Once you have three Spikes down, you’ll head back to talk to Hosseini. Now for fighting!

When you start the fight, you’ll need to use Electro on Pursina’s Spikes and protect them til they hit 100%. This seems very similar to Phase 2, but there are some quirks that complicate this. First of all, if you charge up two Spikes at the same time, the Ruin Grader gets an ATK buff. Charge up all three at the same time, and it also gets a DEF buff as well. During this first stage, it’ll attack the Spikes relentlessly. When this thing’s taken enough damage or enough time has passed, it’ll sap some of the Electro energy from the Spikes. When it’s done with this, the Ruin Grader will start attacking you specifically while groups of enemies spawned in to attack the Spikes. Adding to this, the weak points of the Ruin Grader will no longer be present, meaning it cannot be stunned anymore.

Some advice for dealing with this thing. The first stage is the trickiest because that Ruin Grader can really start eating the health of the Spikes if you don’t stop it. So the best advice I can give is to make it just not attack anymore. Meaning, get some Cryo and Hydro and freeze that thing solid while you recharge the Spikes. If you have Zhongli, you can also petrify it and keep it from moving. This tactic also works well on the second phase of the fight as you can use Hydro and Cryo to freeze the whole group of enemies solid.

The fact that there’s now a giant, self-regenerating murder machine built by an ancient race, I can’t help but feel maybe it was a good idea to summon Aloy to Teyvat. Anyways, that’s all for this overview of the Shadow of the Ancients event for Genshin Impact. As always, stay tuned for more of the latest news and guides for Genshin Impact!

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