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shadow of the colossus ps4

Sony Welcomes Bluepoint Games To The Family

A Long Time Coming Sony continues to add new studios as the gaming industry’s development arms race continues. Their latest acquisition comes in the form of Bluepoint Games. This one can hardly feel like a surprise. A leaked image a few months ago when Sony announced the acquisition of…

Epic Games Store Unlocks Achievements Next Week

Standardized Achievements Largely Replace Developer Achievements For over a year now the Epic Games Store has allowed developers to add their own achievement systems to games. While this saw a wide disparity in what achievements looked like, it worked for many. Starting next week however a unified solution will…

Save The Damsels Next Week in Waifu Discovered 2

Save The Day in Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy   There’s a lot of Shmups out there these days. Honestly, there’s probably more now than at any other point in time. But there’s very few like Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy. It’s the sequel to the equally ludicrous and…

Life is Strange: True Colors – Wavelengths DLC Review (PS5)

Steph Takes The Spotlight After loving Life is Strange: True Colors last month, I was eager for a chance to return to the town of Haven Springs. I’ve rarely fallen so hard for a video game setting, and I missed its streets and its characters. The new Wavelengths DLC…

Underland Review (Switch)

Underland Review: Small Rewards Underland is a small game. Featuring just thirty levels which take only a few minutes each, you could easily complete it in a single sitting. Featuring only a few mechanics at first, it starts as a basic game and even after adding more options as…

Jett: The Far Shore Review (PS5)

JETT: The Far Shore Review: Leave Your World Behind A truly unique title, JETT: The Far Shore is unlike anything I’ve played. With a fascinating story, fantastic feelings of movement, and a stunning world to explore, you’ll want to fulfill Jao’s Directive and check out the far shore. JETT…

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