Monthly Archives: October 2021

EAS Fall Showcase Heats Up the Season

Brighter Leaves and Better Games   Perhaps you thought that the video game releases were a bit thin right now. And while I’d heartily disagree, there’s plenty more on the horizon thanks to eastasiasoft. Their new EAS Fall Showcase features their most expansive trailer yet, including a ton of…

Genshin Impact Itto and Artifact Set Leaks

Genshin Impact Itto and Artifact Set Leaks   Greetings, Travelers. Today we’ll be looking at two different sets of leaks, one for Itto and one for some upcoming artifact sets that will be coming soon. Many of these are pointing at being released upon 2.3’s release, but as with…

Gang Beasts Review (Switch)

Gang Beasts Review: Physics-Based Brawling Lands On The Switch   I’m ashamed to say, that despite hearing tales of the hilarious physics-based antics of developer Boanloaf’s Gang Beasts, I’ve never actually played it. Until now, that is. With Gang Beasts finally making its way to the Nintendo Switch, I…

Gleylancer Review (Switch)

Gleylancer Review: Setting A Standard This is how you update a classic game. Gleylancer may not have the name recognition of a few of the top 16-bit shmups. Still, it’s managed to develop a reputation over the years, largely due to the rather obscene prices the Mega Drive original…

Gang Beasts: Out Now For The Nintendo Switch

Gang Beasts’ Physics-Based Brawling Finally Lands On The Switch   Ever wanted to go to work and challenge your boss to a fight atop a blimp, taking out years of frustration at their tyrannical ways? Well, you’re in luck because at long last the developers at Boanloaf and the…

Warframe Verv Furis Weapon Pack Is Now Available

Digital Extremes Unloads Another Great Addition to the Verv Amazon Prime Exclusives With the Verv Furis Weapon Pack Amazon Prime and Digital Extremes have had no shortage of goodies for Warframe players, with the Verv Furis Weapon Pack being the next hot drop. The Furis alone is a solid…

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