How To Get Every Ending In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Let Us Show You How To Get All 8 Endings In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

How To Get Every Ending In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water


The latest installment in Koei Tecmo’s long-running survival horror series, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water, features multiple endings that you can unlock for each of the game’s characters. There is a total of eight endings, and which ones you get are determined by specific decisions you make in the game’s final chapter, Last Drop; two each for Yuri and Miu, while Ren has a total of four endings. In this guide, we’ll show you what you need to do to see every possible outcome for the game’s trio of protagonists.

How To Get Ren Hojo’s Endings In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water


How To Get Every Ending In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water


Ren Hojo, Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water‘s resident haunted author, has four possible endings. Which ending you get is based on which actions you take during the Ghost Marriage ceremony toward the end of the episode. If you choose the photograph of Ose before entering the room, you’ll be able to get either the Box of Loneliness or Love After Death endings. However, if you choose Shiragiku’s bundle of white hair, you’ll instead be able to see either the Inside the Box or A Cold Spring endings.

Endings For Choosing Ose Kurosawa

Love After Death: This is one of the two good endings for Ren’s story. To achieve this rather tender ending, you’ll need to choose Ose’s picture before entering the ceremony, then use Ren’s Touch ability on her.

Box of Loneliness: To get this somber finale for Ren, instead of touching Ose, use the Camera Obscura to take a picture of her as you enter the room.


Endings for choosing Shiragiku

Inside The Box: To get this ending, do nothing when you enter the room where the ghost marriage is meant to take place.

A Cold Spring: Just like with Ose’s Box of Loneliness ending, blast Shiragiku with your camera when you enter the room. This will trigger a pretty intense fight against Shiragiku and her army of creepy dolls. Once you put the little white-haired menace down, you’ll be able to see Ren’s A Cold Spring ending.

How To Get Miu Hinasaki’s Endings in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water




Miu’s endings are the second to occur in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water‘s final chapter. You’ll be able to either the Dream Road or Shadow Child endings depending on what you do at Mt. Hikami’s Twilit Peak.

Dream Road: The more upbeat of Miu’s two possible finales, the Dream Road ending is achieved by taking a picture of Miku while she’s on the Twilit Peak.

Shadow Child: To get this depressing ending, all you have to do is keep from taking Miku’s picture. Easy-peasy.

How To Get Yuri Kozukata’s Endings In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water



Yuri’s two endings are determined by when you choose to end the final battle against Fatal Frame: The Maiden of Black Water‘s main antagonist, Ose Kurosawa, when you face her at the Shadowspring.

Bride of Black Water: The more positive of Yuri’s two endings, this one’s achieved by using Yuri’s Touch ability on Ose during the phase of the fight that takes place above the water.

Embrace: The more melancholy ending available to Yuri, Embrace is unlocked by using the Touch ability on Ose during the underwater portion of the battle.

There you have it. That’s how to get every ending in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. We hope this guide saves you some time during your nightmare tour of Mt. Hikami.

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