How To Defeat Ose Kurosawa In Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water

Having trouble developing a strategy to beat the final boss of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water? Here’s how to defeat Ose Kurosawa in a flash!

Encountered in the chapter titled Last Drop: Bride from Black Water, Ose Kurosawa serves as the final boss in Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water‘s main story. And, as you can imagine, her fight is the most challenging encounter in the game. However, with a bit of patience and a quick draw on your Camera Obscura, you should be able to exorcise this gloomy shrine maiden once and for all.

The battle with Ose Kurosawa begins when Yuri enters the Shadowspring, the source of the Black Water, following the conclusion of Miu’s story. It alternates between two phases: underwater, where she’ll hover above you with a legion of shrine maidens, and above the lake, where you’ll be able to fight her head-on.


Beating The First Phase



The first phase of the encounter is underwater. Here, Ose will spend most of her time in the air brooding while the rest of the shrine maidens will try to sneak up on you. Load up on your best film because Ose only gives you a handful of openings, so you’ll want to make your shots count. Don’t get greedy and try to snap Ose while she’s far away, though; you’ll want to make sure your film is ready to blast any enemies that try to get the drop on you.


If Ose or another enemy hits you, they’ll almost always knock you down. When this happens, maidens will surround you and form a circle, causing your health to drain rapidly. To break the circle, quickly take a picture of one of the sets of clutched hands.

The best time to deal damage to Ose is when she’s swooping in, as this leaves her open to a Fatal Frame attack. You can tell when she’s about to do this because she’ll let out a creepy wail. Don’t lock onto her yet, though. After she wails, she’ll bob for a second and become invisible, which would break your lock. Once Ose reappears, focus on her head and wait until she’s right in your face to give her a taste of the good stuff.

Occasionally, she’ll also hover directly in front of you and summon a handful of enemies around her. Take advantage of this opportunity to get as many of them in the frame as possible so you can deal a ton of damage.

Once you hurt her enough, Ose will begin to tremble and fade away like other enemies do when you’re able to perform a Fatal Glance. DO NOT take the bait. If you do, she’ll quickly grab you, and a swarm of maidens will swoop in to kill you. Just wait for her to dissipate, and the fight will enter its next phase above the lake.


Finishing The Fight


The second phase is pretty straightforward. Ose stands in the middle of the lake while enemies slowly spawn around you. Keep an eye out for ghosts (especially the ones that like to burst out of the ground in front of you), and just keep focusing on delivering shots with your best film to Ose’s head. Keep some space between the two of you, though. When you deal enough damage, Ose will warp a short distance ahead. And if you get caught in the path, you’re in for a world of hurt.

After you deal enough damage, she’ll begin to fade away again. This is your chance. Move in quickly and perform a Fatal Glance when the prompt appears to finish her off. Be warned, though: you’ll need to be fast as the prompt disappears very quickly.

Note: You MUST perform a Fatal Glance on Ose during the overwater phase to get Yuri’s good ending, The Bride of Black Water.

If you fail to perform the Fatal Glance, you’ll have to re-do the underwater phase, though you can now perform a Fatal Glance on Ose once she’s defeated. However, if you choose to perform a Fatal Glance at the end of the underwater phase, you’ll instead get Yuri’s bad ending, Embrace.


Just follow these steps and keep your wits about you, and you’ll defeat Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water‘s final boss.

We hope this guide helps you wrap up your tour of the haunted Mt. Hikami. If you have any questions, be sure to sound off in the comments below.


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