Source of Madness Gets Spookier With October Update

Tentacles Make Halloween Better


Source of Madness | Green Madness

Halloween is just around the corner by now. So it’s totally on brand that Source of Madness is implementing a new update to the game called They Came From the Deep. Not only does this update add new biomes and other content to the Lovecraftian rogue-like, but there’s more planned in coming months. This roadmap is planned to add new content every month leading up to the eventual release of Source of Madness.

Source of Madness | Cursed

As for They Came From the Deep, here’s what it’s bringing to the game. New areas The Plateau of Leng and the fabled City of R’lyeh are now playable. Besides that, Source of Madness adds the Bloodmancer class, which starts with less health but literally feeds off their foes, adding health when they kill enemies or detach limbs.

That’s thoroughly gruesome, but here’s some details for the upcoming updates:

  • November 15th – Foul Magic:
    New biome, Planet of Yith – the former, abandoned home of the great race of Yith.
    New Stormcaller class – harness the power of the heavens to unleash lightning-based abilities.
    New boss – Act 2 will be brought to a close by an encounter with the terrifying Nyarlathothep.
    New experimental classes and magic.
  • December 13th – Update #6:
    Information on this update to be revealed when it launches, in addition to details on the plans leading up to the launch for Source of Madness.


Source of Madness | R'yleh

That’s all great news for fans of horror and Lovecraftian madness. Be sure to check out Source of Madness on Steam. And stay tuned to HPP for more info as it’s revealed.

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