Corpse Party Guide: How To Get The Infirmary Key And Matches

Crack One Of Corpse Party’s Early Game Puzzles And Gain Access To The Infirmary


Corpse Party

With Corpse Party 2021 having just been released across most major systems, a whole new generation of gamers is going to be coming in fresh to this 16-bit macabre delight. Besides being a truly unsettling horror game, Corpse Party also takes a lot of influence from old-school point-and-click adventures, and as such, contains quite a few head-scratching puzzles. Early on in the game, players may be left baffled by the plethora of locked doors they encounter, wondering how to gain access to these locked-off areas. One of the first keys you will be able to get access to is the Infirmary key, but in order to get it,  you’ll have to contend with one of the first major puzzles the game throws at you. Keep reading to find out how to get past this initial hurdle.


The first party you will gain control of following Corpse Party’s lengthy intro sequence contains both Naomi and Seiko, and they’re both desperate to not only find their friends who have also been teleported to Heavenly Host Elementary but also to find a way out.

After some fairly linear exploration, players will find themselves encountering numerous locked doors as they creep through the school’s dilapidated corridors. One of these doors leads into the Infirmary. However, you’ll need to find the Infirmary key in order to open it. Once you have found the Infirmary door, continue south and use the staircase at the bottom of the corridor in order to reach the floor above. Upon entering the next floor, head north, and you’ll eventually find yourself outside a classroom; the one in the above screenshot, to be specific. Take note of the two entrances. For my playthrough, I entered the left door first, so for the purposes of following this guide, you should do the same.

Upon entering the room, you’ll notice that the room has been split into two due to a rupture in the floor. On the side opposite you, you will also see sat there, an unusual purple orb. See the screenshot below for clarity, paying attention to the exact spot the purple orb sits in.


Corpse Party

At this point, leave the room and enter the door on the right of the classroom. Frustratingly, you’ll see that the purple orb has jumped to the other side of the rupture; the one which you just left! Running back around to the other side won’t work, as the pesky orb will just keep jumping, leading you on a wild goose chase. By now, you will have seen that each time you leave the classroom, a blue flame will have appeared. Interact with the flame, and it will tell you to inspect the spot where the orb originally stood; that spot being the location seen in the above screenshot.

Make sure that the orb is on the side which Naomi can be seen standing on above and enter the right-hand door. Make your way to the exact spot the orb originated in, and interact with it. This will cause a question to appear on screen, asking you to confirm if you think this is the exact location of the orb. Choosing yes will cause Seiko to remain standing on that spot, whilst you are able to retain control of Naomi and make your way back around to the bottom half of the room using the left door. Entering the left door and making your way over to the orb will cause it to jump back across the rupture, only this time, Seiko will be there to grab it. Following some brief dialogue, you’ll get confirmation that you now have the Infirmary key in your possession; let’s not think too hard about why the key took the form of an autonomous purple orb, however!

With the key in your possession, you can now make your way back down to the Infirmary, where you can now unlock the door and interact with the lamp as seen in the screenshot below, which will also reward you with a box of matches that will come in handy later on.


Corpse Party

Congratulations! You’re now ready to continue exploring the disturbing remains of this school from hell, having just overcome Corpse Party’s first major brain teaser. Keep your eyes peeled here on HPP for more guides and tips to aid your escape from Heavenly Host Elementary.





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