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Seal Away the Creeping Darkness of Avsladi


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Evertried is tough enough, and that’s before we even talk about the bosses. The first of which is Avsladi: The Creeping Darkness. As the first of his kind, he’s an ancient and menacing spirit. He’s overwhelmed by grief, which is manifested as noxious smoke he trails behind him. As for what Avsladi looks like, he’s basically a skull surrounded by other identical skulls, surfing on a wave of poison. The key detail to pay attention to is which skull currently has one eye socked lit up by eldritch fire, and aim for that.

The good thing about him is he won’t attack you directly. The bad thing is, he moves around, and if you get caught in his wake, you’ll take damage. And while it’s technically possible to beat him without getting hit once, it’s just as easy for him to trap you in his poison unexpectedly. Luckily, I have some tips to put Avsladi to sleep.

Avsladi 1

Avsladi has different waves he’ll attack you in. At first, you just have to hit each lit skull once as he moves in a cube of 4. Generally, he’ll move a specific direction a few times, then turn and move that way, and then turn again, etc. The key thing to remember is you can corner him, if you manage to get in front of the skulls. Your goal in this first wave is to strike the lit skull 3 times, and then he changes things up.

Avsladi 2

In the second phase, things get more elaborate. Avsladi splits the arena into 4 squares, and you have to navigate through the poison periphery as well as avoiding his backdraft. You’ll only need to slash 3 skulls this phase as well, they’ll just be much more spaced apart and constrict your movement more.

Avsladi 3

In the third phase he’ll become a massive 3 x 3 square of skulls, and you only have to hit the lit one.

Avsladi 4

Next, he’ll become two 2 x 2 squares that move around independently. Luckily for you, you only have to hit one lit skull.

Avsladi 5

In Avsladi’s final phase, skulls will be everywhere and moving in different directions. Your only job is to safely navigate them and hit the one that’s lit up, doing your best not to get cornered. And once you do, you’ve successfully slain Avsladi in Evertried!

Josh Speer
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