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Since I’ve been playing my way through Evertried, a tactical rogue-like published by DANGEN Entertainment, I thought I’d write a few guides. This first one is also the most important, since Evertried is not an easy game. Thus, here is my Evertried Beginner’s Guide to Ascension. It’s essentially a list of general tips for your improved success as you fight your way back to the land of the living.

Tip #1 – Use traps to your advantage


Evertried Beginner's Guide 5

You’ll have your work cut out for you as you fight your way through Evertried. And though you can find some really powerful Skills and Modifiers to aid your quest, you won’t always have the ones you want. Thus, it’s a great idea to use traps against your enemies. Trick them in front of a flamethrower, or a turret that shoots icicles. Better yet, lure them into toxic miasma spread by their fellow monsters. This will help even the odds, and increase your chances of survival.

Tip #2 – Stay ‘Focused’


Evertried Beginner's Guide 4

There’s a meter called Focus in the game. It fills up every time you attack or defeat a foe. But if you wait too long between attacks, the meter will deplete, eventually resetting back to 0 from a maximum of 10. The reason you want to avoid that is that a higher level of Focus can enhance your Modifiers, which are passive abilities that work so long as you stay at or above their default level. These include trailing burning fires behind you, as well as stealing the life itself from defeated foes. Oh, and a quick pro-tip, Focus doesn’t deplete at all during Boss battles.

Tip #3 – Resist the joysticks


Evertried Beginner's Guide 1

While it’s true you can use either the D-pad buttons or the joystick to play Evertried on Switch, I highly recommend you stick with the buttons. I’ve had more than one time where I thought I was tilting the joystick a specific direction, and instead, it went somewhere else. I’ve never had that issue with the buttons, where up is up, left is left, right is right, and down is down, without question.

Tip #4 – Go for the Gold


Evertried Beginner's Guide 6

You’ll occasionally find golden-hued foes as you play. Defeating them will net you more Shards than usual, which can be used to buy Skills and Modifiers. The catch is golden foes run away from you. Worse, if you save them for last, they’ll lose that golden hue. So do your best to go after them before wiping out all the other enemies, and bask in your newfound riches.

Tip #5 – Dash strategically


Every time you move in Evertried, you’ll gain more Charge tokens, up to 5. Those are used to activate Skills. And while that’s important, there will be times it’s better to Dash. Though you won’t get any Charge for dashing, you can use it to move two spaces instead of one. This helps you keep your distance from foes and even lets you charge through objects—a vital skill in this game.

Tip #6 – Think before you act


Evertried Beginner's Guide 2

Though the field of battle can sometimes be overwhelming, it’s best not to panic. Because everything in the game, from foes to traps, won’t do a thing until you do. So by carefully planning your moves, you can take advantage of that fact. Which brings us to our next tip…

Tip #7 – Don’t get cornered


Later in the game, foes will love to try and gang up and swarm you. If you ever get surrounded, death is all but inevitable, since they’ll all attack at once, and you can only survive three attacks. This has happened to me before, and I always do better by being cautious and moving slowly, while keeping track of enemy movement patterns.

Tip #8 – Rely on your friends


Evertried Beginner's Guide 3

In between floors, you might randomly come upon a variety of NPC characters, from shamans to philosophers and even fallen soldiers. It’s best to bend your ear to them, since doing so will often benefit you. The monkey shaman will reveal secrets of your past, and an ethereal priest will heal your wounds. And perhaps the best of them is the shopkeep you’ll find in the middle of each stage, which lets you buy useful items with your accumulated Shards.

Tip #9 – Get used to the grind


Evertried Beginner's Guide 7

This last tip may sound obvious, but it’s nevertheless important. Evertried isn’t an easy game. I’ve been playing for a few weeks and am still trying to get to the very end. But the one thing that helps is that as you use Skills, they’ll gradually level up. As they do, their power and AOE will change, always to your benefit. So even between progressive runs, Skills will remain powerful.

And there you have it. I hope these tips help those beginning their journey in Evertried. Be sure to check back for HPP’s upcoming boss guides from the game.

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