Echo Generation: Principal’s Basement Guide

How to Infiltrate the Principal’s Basement in Echo Generation

If you’ve taken a look around the Principal’s House to the back left of Maple Town, you’ll probably find a few incriminating details around the yard and inside the house. Thing is, if you try to go in and take the key to the basement, you’ll quickly be found out by the Principal and get escorted out. Well, here’s how you can get down there to see what the creepy man’s hiding.

You’ll need to have enabled travel to the Downtown area to progress in the Principal’s House. First things first, you’re going to need to head to the Principal’s office in the school. Head in through the window on the left and go to the hallway. Avoid any spooky things that might be clawing your way, then head to the room all the way to the left and enter the office. Keys will be on the desk.


Once you leave, you may have to confront said ghost for a fight. Get that out of the way, then head back to the Principal’s house and try to get in through the door on the right.

Head inside and nab the key in the kitchen while he’s not inside. Once downstairs, you’ll notice a jail cell with a kid inside named Billy. He’ll warn you about the Principal trapping him down there, so you choose to free him, as you would.

Head over to the room to the right for a magazine with a new ability for your little sister, alongside a cassette tape you’ll be using to lure the Principal down into the basement. Good news is that you can’t get lost from this point on because, for mysterious reasons, the door locked leading out from the basement, so you ain’t leaving ’til you’re done here!

Head to the boombox and use the new cassette tape, then talk to Billy. It turns out the Principal hates the song you’re playing, and if you head to the side room and back into the main room, you’ll find him hovering over the boombox before deciding he’s had enough of you and attacks. Take down the murderous principal, and you’ll get the key you need to free Billy and yourself by inspecting the doll he drops.

Talk to your new friend, and he’ll give you some candy you can give to Mr. Magnus’ kid outside his house. That’s all there is to this guide for the Principal’s Basement, but stay tuned for more of the latest for Echo Generation guides and news!

Cory Clark
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