Echo Generation: How To Solve The Bookstore Puzzle

Here’s How To Solve The Bookstore Puzzle And Get The Repair Book In Echo Generation


Along the way to Billy’s Repair Shop, you might’ve noticed a rinky-dink trailer parked alongside the road. This hosts Mr. Dumont, the local alien conspiracy theorist that the main character sees as a perfect fit for the movie he’s making.


The thing is, Mr. Dumont’s busy messing with a BC-22 Volt transmitter and needs a repair book before he’ll entertain the thought of helping out with some home videos. So you’re going to need to go downtown to the bookstore.

The shop you’re looking for is on the right side of the street. Once you’re inside, the book you’re looking for is almost right near the main entrance, but the lazy bookstore attendant shoos you away from it, saying it’s a display item and not for sale.

Your mission now is to distract the lazy employee with something. As luck would have it, there’s a little train running around that comes up from the floor nearby. You can grab a heavy book from the nearby bookshelf and plop it into the hole the train comes out of.

Go bug the employee once more, and she’ll outright refuse to deal with it unless her manager calls. Now you’re going to need to find some way to get the manager to deal with it. There’s a little trick to this, and it actually lies not in finding the manager, but in a cleverly disguised prank call from inside the school. Head inside the school, dodging any spooky ghosts, and get into the principal’s office to the leftmost of the hallway. You can use the phone on the desk to call that lazy bum and get her off her rear to deal with the train.

Head back to the bookstore, then snatch away your prize (and the superhero cardboard cutout while you’re at it). Bring the book back to Mr. Dumont, and you’re on your way to progressing the campaign a few steps forward. Stay tuned for more of the latest in Echo Generation news and guides!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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