Say Goodbye To Animal Crossing: New Horizons With Final Major Update

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New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans have waited a long time for new content. For most of the last year and a half updates have been infrequent and minor. That changes on November 5th when Nintendo are releasing a final major free update for the game titled 2.0. While minor updates going forward are possible, it seems that this and the newly revealed Happy Home Paradise expansion will be the final major updates for the game.

Calling this major is very fair. There’s an awfully lot included. Let’s run through it. The one thing we already knew is that The Roost coffee shop will be opening in your museum. Run by fan favorite character Brewster, you can stop by and enjoy a good cup of joe. Your residents will stop by too and you can even use amiibo to invite specific characters. If people are on your island they can stop by too, an actual way to interact with other players!

New Horizons

Brewster isn’t the only fan favorite character finally showing up. Kapp’n is finally on the pier, ready to boat you around to mysterious islands where things can get strange. You might arrive in an entirely different season, or time of day, than what you left behind. Of course Kapp’n will be singing his famous sea shanties as well. If new tunes are what you’re looking for, K.K. Slider will have 12 new songs for fans too, which you can play on a new music box item.

If you want more reasons to leave your island, new content will be showing up on Harv’s Island too. Up until now this area has been strictly a photo studio, but a new plaza will be opening up with a variety of shops. Once you spend enough bells to unlock it, traveling sales people such as Sierra and Kix will set up shop permanently there while new shops from people like Reese & Cyrus who let you customize pre-made furniture will be available as well.

New Horizons

Perhaps the thing I’m most excited for is the return of gyroids. You’ll now be able to dig up these weird dancing guys and bury them again to plant them. Water them and dig them up again to gain these little guys you can decorate your island or home with. I didn’t think much would get me back to New Horizons, but this might do it. Island ordinances returning however might help me in that process. These let you set rules that your island will operate under. Want all your visitors to get up early or stay up late to match your schedule? That’s now an option.

If you want more to do with your villagers, a cute new group stretching activity in the plaza could be fun. You can use button controls or motion controls to stretch right along with your crew.

A whole lot of new stuff will be available too, including a few new types. You can now spend your Nook Miles to unlike DIY recipes which you can cook up to make tasty food. A pro decorating license allows you to add lighting and ceiling décor. Accent walls allow you to customize the look of your rooms further. A new tool, the wooden ladder kit, lets you leave permanent ladders around the island for easy traversal. You’ll find 11 new hair styles, 11 new reactions, 9 new fence types which can now be customized, and new furniture. You can now wear custom design patterns too. The maximum number of bridges and inclines on your island will be increasing from 8 to 10 as well. How will you store all of this? Three new storage levels will increase what you can save, eventually reaching 5000 saved items.

New Horizons

We’re not done yet, though we’re getting close. Your Nook Phone photo app now allows you to operate in first person, giving you a whole new look at your island. You can even put the phone on a tripod and get into the shot. Another phone app will provide beginning players new direction too. Your character will be able to squeeze through tight spaces now, opening up design options while keeping areas functional. Residents of your island will now stop by or invite you over too.

It seems unlikely that Nintendo originally intended to release this all into New Horizons at the same time. It feels like there has to be a COVID element in all of this. Still, while it’s been a long time since I visited my island, this might be enough to pull me back. If gyroids don’t do it, nothing will. Check out a full trailer for this update below.


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