Genshin Impact A Particularly Particular Author Guide

Genshin Impact A Particularly Particular Author Guide

Greetings, Travelers. Today we’ll be looking at the first spooky quest tied to Tsurumi Island and the author sending you there for “book research” in this Particularly Particular Author guide for Genshin Impact.

First, you’ll head over to Sumida in Inazuma City, going through a lengthy dialogue before she finally gets to the point and arranges a boat to take you to Tsurumi Island. After talking to Kama at Ritou, you’ll be set to explore the foggy island. It’s advised you go ahead and grab the Statue of the Seven while you’re right next to it. Head forward a bit, and you’ll find a young boy named Ruu. This boy will guide you to a nearby, shriveled-up tree he reveals to be a perch for the Great Thunderbird, an unknown entity native to the island. Interact with this perch, and you’ll be sent off to gather a few feathers, glowing purple in the dense fog. They’re nearby, but the easiest way to find them is keep track of your minimap. Although honestly, they’re mostly in plain sight, you won’t have trouble spotting them as long as you guide yourself with the minimap.

Once you’ve gathered up the feathers, you’ll see the tree bloom and the fog dissipate. Follow Ruu back to the main shrine to the Thunderbird, and you’ll see a mass of people gathered at the shrine. Talk to the guy closest to the large gate. After that, you’ll be set off to go clear the fog from the rest of the island. There are three spots that need cleared, and while two of them are pretty darn straightforward, one of them has a few puzzles the feathers hide behind. We’ll get the two simplest ones out of the way. Do note that these feathers will appear on your minimap, but getting to them does not ensure they’ll stay in one place.

The first area is in Autake Plains, and this area has a bit of a trick to it. If you’re out in the fog too long, you’ll get turned around and warped to the last safe point you were at. You’ll need to use Electro to light up the Stormstone along the way, acting as a safe path through the fog. If you find yourself actually lost and not sure where the tree is, you’ll need to look at your map. The areas you’re supposed to inspect are foggy on the map. In this case, you’ll be heading to the middle of the fog to find the tree. Interact with the tree, and the feathers will scatter. The first one can be found right behind the tree. The second one is a bit farther away to the east, and once you approach it, it’ll flee. You’ll need an Electrogranum in order to get through the barrier where it’s hiding, then deal with some Rifthound Whelps to claim this feather. The last one will be on top of a Hilichurl hut. You’ll have a full-grown Rifthound to work around, but once it’s gone, you can climb up to the top of the hut and claim the feather.

Now onto the next one near Chirai Shrine, where Ruu’s big brother, Ku, has injured himself, leaving you to go get the feathers in his stead. Activate the perch, and get looking. The first feather is to the west of the tree, but it’ll dart off for a nearby Phase Gate. Hop through once the feather takes off to continue pursuit, and it’ll be yours with little effort. The next one is near the middle of the island. There’ll be a large ruin that’ll have a hole in the floor where the feather’s hiding. Lastly, there’s one out in broad daylight to the southwest of the tree.

Now on to the trickiest one of the bunch over at Shirikoro Peak. Go ahead and take care of the dialogue, then activate the perch. The feathers will flee underwater, so you’ll need to drain the place. Find the three nearby green Seelies and guide them to their roosts. There’s one right outside the entrance of the mountain and two inside. You’ll get a treasure chest and get the water out. Head to the bottom floor and toward the north, and you’ll see the feathers quickly take off down a corridor. Follow them into a puzzle room filled with the Electro Crystal puzzles. First of all, clean the room of enemies and pick up the feather in here. You’ll only need three of the Relay Stones in this room for this puzzle. The placement is in the pictures below.

In the next room, grab your feather, then you’ll need to repeat what you did earlier and find three Green Seelies that’ll help you drain the water from the room. They’ll all be in that room, so no worries about hunting them down. There are two Relay Stones in the once-wet room, so grab those and put one down at the spot shown in the picture.

Next, you’ll need to grab a Relay Stone from the dome piece of the center-most ruin and place it in the way shown in the pictures.

You’re good to press the switch and get beyond the door to the last feather. With that done, go take care of the perch one last time, then you can head back to the ceremonial site along with Ruu, only to find that everyone’s gone. Ghosted by the locals, you can now pick up the item you’d been sent to that island in the first place for. Make your way back to Kama, then back to Saruda, and you’ll find your trinket to be gone. The quest concludes, and you’ll get your reward for 50 Primogems, 5 Hero’s Wit, and 450 Adventure EXP.

That’s all for this guide on A Particularly Particular Author. I hope you got any help you needed, and be sure to stay tuned for more Genshin Impact guides and news.

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