Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment Overview

Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment Overview

Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment

Greetings, Travelers. Today we’ll be going over the basics of the Moonlight Merriment event that’s going on alongside the anniversary of Genshin Impact. There’s a lot going on for this event, so let’s get into it!

First and foremost, we’ll go over the three different parts to the Moonlight Merriment event, looking first at the main menu for it on the events page.

The very first part is called Moonchase Tales and follows the main quest for the event. It’s nothing long or complicated, a lot of teleporting to different places. You’ll be able to complete this little quest for 60 Primogems and 3 Hero’s Wit. The next part of the quest unlocks when you have 1000 Festive Fever, which is achieved through the other two parts of the events. Similar to the first quest, when you unlock and play the second quest, the most that will be asked of you other than talking to people is partaking in the final round of the cooking competition at the end. Xiangling will give you the instructions you need in a timely manner, so don’t worry about being out of direction. The end of the second quest will give you the same rewards as the first.

The next part of the event involves Cloud Retainer’s new cooking machine. The thing is, it needs some help with keeping fire in place, so you’ll need to help move the fire from pot to pot. You can also adjust the heat/cold using Pyro and Cryo attacks. For the first one, long-range attacks are recommended, so Diona or Aloy for Cryo and Yanfei or Amber for Pyro. The latter two can be handled by long or short-range, though I still found it easier for long-range so I can stay near the buttons. For keeping the temperatures right, I found the easiest way to manage this is to have the fire stay on just two sides. The buttons are finicky and don’t always respond to movement, so you’ll do best to keep the flame near only two pots at a time, it’s easier to warm up a cold pot than cool down a hot pot, so either Amber or Yanfei would be advised.

Moving on, there’ll be a treasure hunt set up called Moonlight Seeker.

It’s a simpler concept. You’ll talk to Linyang, who’ll introduce you to a treasure hunt of sorts. Around designated areas, you’ll find Mystmoon Chests and Moonchase Charms to gather some loot. As you collect certain amounts of chests and charms, you’ll get rewards and raise the Comfort Level. The chests do actually contain loot, from Primogems to Hero’s Wit and four-star artifacts, so it’s a welcome reward for revisiting old stomping grounds. You can also go talk to Linyang to get her to mark some treasure chests and sigils on the map for you if you’re having trouble tracking down the last few chests and sigils, and you can click on “Go to Collect” to see a highlight of the area that you’ll need to search. The big reward for getting 100% completion on these areas is, as you can see in the picture above, the Luxurious Sea-Lord and its Refinement Materials called Emperor’s Balsam. If you’ve ever wanted to batter an enemy with a giant fish, this is the time to strike.

Lastly, we have the Trails, which are combat sequences focused on taking down enemy camps and their leaders. There are six battles per set, and they don’t need to be completed in any timeframe. You can do three battles, then stop and do something else without losing progress. As for the leaders, they will be accentuated by a green circle and have a buff on them.

For the Path of Stalwart Stone in Liyue, this buff is restoring teammates’ HP when the leaders’ health is low. For the Path of Gentle Breezes in Mondstadt, the enemy leaders will get a physical resistance buff, an elemental resistance buff, and periodically heal from nearby allies, as well as getting to resummon its allies in waves every sixty seconds (do note that he can only do this twice). For the Path of Austere Cold, you’ll see no leaders, but this one is in Dragonspine, so you’ll need to deal with Rimefrost Infusion Stones that’ll grant buffs to nearby enemies, and you will need to keep the nearby braziers from taking too much damage lest they leave you in the cold while they restart. You can get your own set of buffs and rewards by offering dishes you cook. There are five dishes in total you can submit, differing across the three trials, with buffs at two and four dishes submitted and submitting all of the dishes will net you 2 Hero’s Wit and 20,000 Mora per trial. Also, each trial, at the final fight, has a reward containing one of the Emperor’s Basalm.

They will need to be cooked to perfection, so only Delicious dishes can be submitted. Here’s the full list of the dishes you’ll need for all of the buffs and rewards for the three segments:


  1. Tiger Fish, Mora Meat, Almond Tofu, Crystal Shrimp, Golden Shrimp Balls
  2. Chicken-Mushroom Skewer, Teyvat Fried Egg, Sweet Madame, Flaming Red Bolognese, Mondstadt Hash-Brown
  3. Steak, Modstadt Grilled Fish, Cream Stew, Goulash, Cold Cut Platter


As you can see, there’s a decent amount of rewards for the Moonlight Merriment event, and in my personal opinion, this event’s main quest was one of my favorites of Genshin Impact’s many story-driven events. If you’ve enjoyed this event and its many activities, let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Genshin Impact news and guides.

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