Far Cry 6: Fuel The Revolution Mission Guide

Fuel Up

Du Or Die

To get things started you’ll meet up with Bonito. Clara wants his help in securing routes across the island. He doesn’t trust her, but if you’re willing to help him, he’s willing to play ball. If he’s going to help though, he wants two things. First is to secure fuel supplies for his vehicles. The other is to take out one Commandant Rosario who has been a thorn in his side.

These two goals are in entirely different directions, check your map for where you need to go. You can approach them in an order of your choice but I went after Rosario first, who is at a bunker which is the top left waypoint on your map.

How are you going to get there? In style. Juan is so happy with your work that he sends you his pride and joy, a 1956 Beaumont Valentina vehicle. Tricked out with a machine gun of course, this thing has style. Follow the path until you near the waypoint.

As you get close you’ll pass an informant. Holster your weapon if you like and bribe him for information. Once you’re ready you can make your way into the compound. Stealth is an option here but so is going in guns blazing. Commandant Rosario has a lot of people protecting her but she dies to a gunshot, just like the rest.

Before leaving, use the key that was on Rosario to check out the basement bunker under this base. You’ll find a lot of useful supplies there and some nice information. Once you have that, its time to go clear up those fuel supplies. Its on the far side of the island but if you don’t feel like walking or driving, you can fast travel to the Sagrada Checkpoint which is nearby.

Upon nearing the fuel supplies Clara will radio you and let you know these are important for more than just getting Bonito on your side. This fuel could signal a major shifting of the tide. This is another base where you can use stealth or attack quickly. I found stealth worked well here though as there are a lot of buildings to duck into and enemies are mostly spread out.

Once everyone is dead you’ll claim the fuel supplies and have a new base for Libertad. You’ll also receive the fishing rod as a reward. Congratulations on completing Fuel the Revolution.

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