Far Cry 6: Fire and Fury Mission Guide

Bring the Fury

Du Or Die

Start on your mission by speaking with Clara. Now that you have the Supremo, she wants you to really strike at Anton Castillo’s regime. She’ll send you to meet Julio, a friend of your friend Lita. Check your map for the location.

Once you meet up with Julio he’ll fill you in on more details. Your goal is to destroy one of the plantations making the cancer curing drug which is the backbone of Castillo’s regime. How will you do that? The Supremo is helpful but the main way is using a new flamethrower weapon. Julio will lead you to the plantation. He’s not very happy that you’re there and Lita’s not but he’s willing to work with you.

On the outside you’ll need to watch for enemies as you set fire to the fields. It doesn’t take much to burn them and you’ll want to be careful to stay out of the fields, lest you find yourself on fire as well. Take your time working your way towards the labs.

Upon reaching the labs a meter on screen will show your progress in destroying them. You need to reach 100%. You do this by destroying a variety of yellow gas containers. Shoot these and they’ll start leaking gas. At that point a hint of flame from your flamethrower will set them off.

You’ll find barrels, tankers, trucks, all kinds of things that allow you to start fires. Before reaching 100% it’s a good idea to look around for a lot of useful items and materials.

Once the lab is destroyed all that’s left is retreat. You’ll meet back up with Julio outside. He’s still not necessarily your best friends but there are signs of him softening towards you. Congratulations on finishing Fire and Fury.

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