Far Cry 6: Du Or Die Mission Guide

Will You Du? Or Will You Die?

Du Or Die

To get started in your mission, talk to Juan Cortez as the Libertad camp. He wants you to steal something for him from a base on the other side of the island. Your map will show the location. You can either walk there, or find a vehicle and take a ride.

On your way there Juan will contact you on your radio alerting you to a checkpoint. These checkpoints are locations you can take over, creating new fast travel options and new bases for Libertad. You can either sneak up and kill enemies quietly or charge in. To take over the checkpoint you’ll need to destroy the billboard next to it. A well placed explosive barrel next to it will do the trick and claim the Sagrada Checkpoint.

Once you complete your takeover make sure to check the building here for supplies. There’s also a vehicle here you can use for the rest of your trip if you haven’t already grabbed one.

Continue past the radio tower, following a winding path into the mountains. Once you reach the radio tower you’ve been headed towards you’ll then have to make a running jump over a gap to meet up with Juan’s contact. She’s a former military volunteer turned revolutionary. She’ll take you to meet a military double agents. Such agents can be approached with your weapon holstered and bribed for information on items. Holster your weapon so you don’t take fire.

After finishing up with the double agent you’ll climb a tower and use your cell phone to scope out the base. You’ll identify some soldiers and their leader in the base. You’ll also be encouraged to use armor piercing rounds, which you can craft at the work bench behind you if needed.

How you enter the base is ultimately up to you. Sneak in, or rush in guns blazing. There’s a canal leading inside on the right side of the building which is a great option for stealth. Once inside you’ll need to find and kill the base’s leader to get the key for the armory. This is where Juan wants you to grab some depleted uranium for him. A lot of enemies will come at you, don’t forget to use Guapo to help even the odds.

Once you have the uranium, take some time to explore the base if you like. There’s a lot of useful materials for you to find. When you’re done though, take your leave. You’ll need to return to the Libertad camp. You can fast travel if you like, or enjoy a scenic jaunt across the island.

With the depleted uranium in hand, Juan will build you a Supremo. This back mounted rocket launcher lets you select what you want to fire and is a very useful weapon. Congratulations on completing Du or Die.

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