Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream Reveals

Genshin Impact 2.2 Livestream Reveals

Greetings, Tavelers. Today we’ll be going over the content revealed in the Genshin Impact 2.2 Live Stream. From a new island to a plethora of exciting events, we have a lot to go over, so let’s hop to it!

First and foremost, here’s the Primogem redemption codes:

The first event will be starring Childe, Xinyan, and a new strange paper figure called Shiki Taishou over in Inazuma as part of the Labyrinth Warriors event, a combat-focused dungeon trial event. The gameplay will have you set up two teams of four and set a Shikifuda, which is a unique, three-usage skill/buff granted by Shiki Taishou. There’ll be five different trials for this dungeon, each with its own enemies in them. As you kill enemies, they can drop three different kinds of things, Battered Shikifuda, Damaged Replicas, and Aged Tokens. The Battered Shikifuda can be used to draw Charms, which are temporary buffs for that trial, the Damaged Replicas can increase Shiki Taishou’s level so his Shikifuda are more powerful, and Aged Tokens are used for the event shop rewards.

The next event is Shadow of the Ancients, focused on a regenerating Ruin Grader and a Sumeru scholar eager to help figure out what makes the ancient machine tick. The event is divided into three stages.

The first is Investigative Surveys, where you’ll get a prospector gadget to find parts for devices called Pursina’s Spikes that are meant to cut the flow of power going to the anomalous Ruin Grader. The second phase is Data Sampling, which is where you’ll calibrate the Spikes by charging them with Electro energy, which will summon monsters and turn things into a defense mission. The last phase is Live Testing, where you will need to charge the Spikes while also taking on the Anomalous Model Ruin Grader.

After that, we’ll have an event called Tuned to the World’s Sounds, which involves learning to play a little music with Kazuha. If you were around for the Windblume Festival, this will be very similar to learning to play the lyre. This time though, you’ll be accompanied by other characters when you perform. The characters that will play along with you are Zhongli, Ningguang, Keqing, Xiao, Kokomi, Ayaka, and Raiden Shogun. The gameplay features two sets of four keys to press, with circles shrinking inwards to the input keys. Hit the circles, or hold the notes, as needed to get points. Keep a combo going for even more points.

Next event is Dreams of Bloom. You’ll be submitting various items to an Inazuman florist named Sakuya to get some special seeds. These seeds can be planted in the Serenetea Pot to grow beautiful flowers. You’ll also be able to send flowers to friends. If you complete certain challenges, Sakuya will give you the blueprints to make something to hold these flowers in so you can display them in the Serenetea Pot. Participate while you can, because once the event is over, the seeds will vanish for good.

We’ll also later be seeing another Ley Line Overflow event, which gives double the rewards from a Ley Line three times a day for the normal resin cost.

There are going to be some updates to the Serenitea Pot, which will include the new realm layout called Silken Courtyard.

Alongside this will be a new furnishing called the Floating Platform, and add in some new treasure chests in Tsurumi Island called Remarkable Chests to get furnishing blueprints. To get this realm style, you’ll need to upgrade the Sacred Sakura’s favor to Rank 40.

Next, we’ll be looking at the newest island, Tsurumi Island, an ominous island covered in fog and ruins. The dense fog will prove challenging as it reduces visibility and can get you turned around.

Amongst the fog, you’ll be encountering new enemies, one of these being the Rifthounds, strange, floating dogs capable of inflicting a Corrosion debuff that’ll lose HP overtime and can go invisible.

We’ll finally be seeing Inazuma’s famous fixer, Thoma, come aboard finally as a four-star Pyro Polearm user. He’ll be set to join on Hu Tao’s rerun banner.

We’ll also be getting some new weapons, one of which, Polar Star, looking to be tailored just for Childe. They’ll be released as a set, likely due to being included in the next weapon banner.

Next, we’ll be getting some new Hangout Events, one for Sayu and one for Thoma.

There’ll be a few extra optimizations as well. We’re also getting an increase in storage for inventory, going from 1000 to 1500. There’ll also be DualSense Controller support being added on the PC version of Genshin Impact.

Finally, there’s going to be some new merchandise from Razer themed around Paimon. Any purchase will come with in-game rewards, so show off your love for Genshin in a gamer-appropriate fashion.

That’s all for the 2.2 livestream reveals, but you can rewatch the stream on Genshin Impact’s official channel below.

The update drops on October 13th, so mark your calendars! Stay tuned for more news and guides on Genshin Impact.

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