Arknights September 30th Maintenance Update

Arknights September 30th Maintenance Update

Greetings, Doctors. Today we’re going to look at the September 30th Maintenance update for Arknights. From new banners and costumes to the newest event, A Walk in the Dust, there’s a lot to go over, so let’s hop to it!

A Walk In the Dust brings the newest event to Arknights and will have Heavyrain featured as the free five-star unit for this event. You’ll need to have completed 1-10 of the Main Storyline in order to begin this event. As with other events, there’ll be two phases to this. The first phase, Walk Alone, will be available from the start, but the second phase, The Endless Road, will start on October 7th. The event as a whole will last until October 14th. The event’s store, however, will remain open until the 21st.

The event rewards from this are Scattered Sketches, which are redeemed at the Reefsteep Black Market. Additionally, in the store will be Heavyrain’s Tokens, Furniture Pieces for the new furniture set called Critical Response Team Office, and other goodies like Combat Data and LMD, amongst other things that are usually seen in the events.

Next up are some banner changes, the first being a banner called Erg Passenger, featuring the six-star Caster Operator, Passenger.

There will also be Toddifons, a new Sniper Operator, and Heavyrain added into this pool, with them being added into the normal Headhunting pools later down the road.

All of the mentioned Operators will gain additional trust in the event stages. This banner will be open from September 30th to October 14th. While I would recommend trying out Heavyrain, as her active camo seems unique and useful in certain pinches, I’d advise passing on Passenger until chain casters get more of a buff. As for Toddlifons, she’s different. I don’t know how much mileage someone would get out of someone that only gets buffs from fighting Sarkaz, but I could some scenarios where she’d shine.

On October 1st, we’ll also be seeing another banner show up featuring the following:


  • Six-star Defender, Mudrock
  • Five-star Guard, Hellagur
  • Five-star Guard, Specter
  • Five-star Sniper, GreyThroat
  • Five-star Guard, Ayerscape



I’d presonally recommend shooting for Mudrock. Every nine seconds on the field gives her a shield stack that completely blocks an attack and heals some of her HP, meaning heavy-hitting but slow attacking monsters literally can’t do anything to her. Add to that crowd-controlling AoE, self-healing, and even invulnerability to her skills and she’s damn near impossible to kill, a real “set-it-and-forget-it” 1v1 monster worth pulling.

As for Recruitment, the six-star Caster, Mostima, the five-star Specialist, Waai Fu, and the four-star Sniper, May will be permanently added to the pool.

There will be some new costumes showing up in a package called Bloodlines of Combat featuring two costumes, Octopath Illusion for Hellagur and Wind of Breaking Blade for Shirayuki.

As for the Re-Edition for Bloodlines of Combat, the full list of costumes are as follows:


  • Stronghold for Saria
  • Distinguished Visitor for Angelina
  • Refined Horrormare for Lappland
  • Titleless Code for Executor
  • Homecoming for GreyThroat
  • Seventh Night’s Awakened for Midnight


These will be available from September 30th to October 14th.

There’ll also be some UI tweaks, making a more tabular design for the combat missions, as seen below.

It’s very clean looking and will make getting around for the various combat missions much easier. Now, All instances of  “Combat” in the menu interfaces will now be changed to “Terminal.”

There’s a lot of goodies in store for the September 30th maintenance update. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be pulling any of the new banners or checking out the newest event. Stay tuned for more of the latest Arknights guides and news.

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