TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

TOEM: Mountain Top

TOEM walkthrough

You’ve done it. You’re finally here. All your hard work culminates in this moment. You’re about to see the TOEM. Witness it. Experience it. Treasure it. Cherish it. This is what your life has lead up to. Nana would be so proud.

The bus driver will be waiting for you because they’re expecting a quick trip. They’re right — there are only two things you need to do here, both of them up the top of the mountain. Let’s get scaling — climb up the ropes and up into the sky.

TOEM walkthrough

Don’t worry about missing anything just yet — just keep climbing as high as you can, then when you get to the top, whip out your camera. Focus it on the sight to witness something incredible: the TOEM. Awesome!

After that breathtaking event, you’ll need to come back down. On your way, you might be able to spot something interesting partially obscured by a bridge. Is that a stick figure drawing? It is! Snap a photo of it for the mountain explorer back in Kiiruberg, then keep climbing down.

TOEM Walkthrough

After you make your way back to the bus, tell the driver you’re ready to go home. Congratulations on officially beating the game! Nana will be thrilled to hear about your adventures. Why not sit down with her and tell her all about everything you saw? You deserve a nice break after all the adventuring you’ve done, and you’ll net the “Experience Toem” stamp from Homelanda. Finally!


TOEM: Remaining Tasks

TOEM Walkthrough

Ready to tackle the remaining tasks in TOEM? Excellent! Let’s get cracking!

First, head back Oaklaville and into the area with the hotel. Before entering the hotel, take a look to your right and you’ll see a snail next to a flag. Bust out your camera and honk your horn at the snail repeatedly until it reaches the flag (you’ll be here awhile).

Once the snail reaches the flag, you’ll receive the SLOW AND STEADY achievement for such a thrilling race.

TOEM Walkthrough

Next, head into the hotel and speak with the cryptid hunter. Show him the photos of all the monsters you’ve taken photos of: Oaklaville’s Bushy (if you haven’t already), Stanhamn’s Lochy, Logicity’s Sewy, and Kiiruberg’s Tally. For your tremendous cryptid-hunting efforts, you’ll not only receive the “Monster Spotting” stamp but the Monster Mask. Equip it now to work towards the COSPLAYER achievement.

There’s one more thing to do here in Oaklaville, so head out of the hotel and make your way to the ghost’s home. Remember how cranky he was that he didn’t get any help around here? Well, this time is different. As soon as you speak to him (ghost glasses required!), he’ll notice that there’s a strange calmness, allowing him to pass over to the other side. For your good deeds to ghost-kind, you’ll receive the stamp for the “Ghost Story” quest and the STRONG AS AN OAK and A TRUE COMPLETIONIST achievements for your efforts. Whew!

TOEM Walkthrough

That’s it for Oaklaville! Let’s head to Stanhamn next.

If you’ve been following the guide, there’s only one thing you need to do here in Stanhamn — walk into the photo guild hut and speak with the guild member. She’ll be so impressed that she’ll give you the photo challenger flag — the last clothing item! Equip it now to receive the COSPLAYER achievement. Score!

Lastly, let’s head on back to Kiiruberg. Make your way up to the yeti’s area to speak with the mountain explorer. Show him the photo you took of the stick figures on the mountain top. He’s so happy that you’ve found the last remaining piece of the ancient story that he’s practically glowing! …wait, no, he *is* glowing. Take a photo of him for the A GREAT STORY achievement.

TOEM walkthrough

And that, as they say, is that!

Click on one of the areas here to fast travel to any location:






Mountain Top + Remaining Tasks

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