TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

TOEM: Kiiruberg

TOEM Walkthrough

How are we doing, guys? How are we feeling? Bit chilly here in Kiiruberg, isn’t it? In fact, you’re literally shivering, poor thing! Not even the SNOWY PEAKS achievement you’ve earned for visiting this snowy resort town will keep you warm!

First thing’s first, be sure to speak with the employee at the information kiosk who will let you know that you’ll need 6 stamps to move forward to the next location. With 13 total quests to fulfill here in Kiiruberg, you’d think this location might be easier than the last, but it’s absolutely an uphill climb — you’ll see what I mean shortly.

There’s nothing else in this area, so the next time you come back here will be to take the bus. Move on up into the new area and you’ll spot a couple of balloons surrounding a cake. Speak with them to receive the “Birthday in Distress” quest and locate the couple’s missing son.

TOEM Walkthrough

Take a photo of the balloon dog while you’re here (trust me) and… is that a goat on the mountain peak opposite the balloon party table when you look at the direction you came from? Focus your camera on the goat to make him come down.

Before leaving, grab a few animal photos for your compendium:

  • Hedgehog (walking around on the platform connected to the inclined plank)
  • Nariko (cat on bed inside balloon family’s house)
  • Mikee (cat on table inside balloon family’s house)

TOEM walkthrough

Now head left into the new area closest to the balloon family’s party. You should very quickly see a sign next to three small mountains and… say, isn’t that the goat we just spotted? Neat! Take a look at the sign to receive the “Listen to the Goat Choir” quest, then move forward into this area.

Over on the other side of the ice close to the bench you’ll spot a man standing around. He’ll show you a photo from his childhood and talk about a snowball he once rolled down the mountain. Wonder if that’s still around all these years later? He’ll also show you the ropes — literally — and give you a pair of Climbing Boots for you to use while here in Kiiruberg. Equip them now so you can scale the mountains in this snowy little town.

In fact, let’s do that now — that flag the man has pointed out? Climb the two ropes leading to it, then bust out your camera to take a photo of an unchecked monstrosity.

TOEM Walkthrough

Climb back down and show the man the photo of the gigantic snowball. He’ll be so happy to see something from his childhood still exists, netting you the “Snowball Memories” quest stamp. Additionally, he’ll also gift you the Puffer Hat — perfect for a winter day! Put the hat on now so you stop shivering a little.

All this excitement was too much for the old man, so he’s headed inside for now. Snap a photo of the snowman outside his door and the stick figures behind it (trust me), then follow him into his lovely little home.

You really made his day with that snowball photo — why, he’s positively glowing! Take his picture to receive the HAPPY YOUTH achievement, then head on out to the balloon party area.

TOEM Walkthrough

Now that you’re back here, walk up to the ledge with the hedgehog and then continue into the next new area. Here, you’ll find yourself at the base of a ski-lift, which you are free to take. But later. There are three things you need to do in this area at the moment — first, you’ll probably notice a Yeti standee. You know the drill — drop the tripod in front of it, then go stand behind it to snap a photo and finish the “Become a Yeti” quest.

Next, take a look at the bird speeding around the scene. It’s fast, but only if it spots you. It’s entirely possible to get a shot of it while it’s doing the zoomies, but if you’d rather it be going a bit slower, leave the area, then come back and drop the tripod again before it sees you, then hide behind the Yeti standee. You can also go into the cabin, then come back out and stand at the top of the ramp and take a photo without the tripod. It might take a try or two, but getting this Snow Bird image for your animal compendium isn’t impossible.

Lastly, head into the cabin, where a nice lady will give you a Scarf. Equip it now to feel 25% warmer.

TOEM walkthrough

We’re done here for now, but we’ll be back soon. Head back to the balloon party area, then climb the rope to go into the completely new area we haven’t been to yet. There’s quite a lot going on here, but first thing’s first — look at that familiar face! It’s Meck! Let’s give that good boy another pet, then walk into the house to say hello to his human.

Once inside, you’ll be able to say hello to another familiar face, who will remind you to pet the good boy if you haven’t already (you know, for the WHO’S A GOOD BOY?! achievement). Before leaving, check out the couch to spot another very good dog snoozing away.

Snapping a photo will net you not only the Teddy photo for your animal compendium, but the LOOK AT ALL THOSE CUTIES achievement for taking photos of the development team’s pets. Dawwww…

TOEM walkthrough

Head back outside and walk up to the snowman. Say, doesn’t this one look a little… strange? It has arms and legs, which doesn’t seem right. Aim your camera at it and honk the horn to surprise someone hiding inside. But — oh no! — looks like the snowman has broken up into pieces! Accept the “Assemble a Snowman” quest and find the head and middle parts of the snowman flung across Kiiruberg for the snowman’s creator so they can put it back together again.

Now, walk all the way to the left of the screen and up to a snowbank. You’ll spot a familiar periscope… or, rather, they’ll spot you… to be invited into a super secret, poorly hidden base carved into the rocks. Speak with the general near the corkboard to uncover the identity of this suspicious character you’ve been tailing, completing the Military Suspicions quest and netting you a neat stamp for your efforts.

Next, go back outside and take notice of the ledge the photo scout is standing on. Is that another stick figure drawing? Interesting. Snap a photo of it, then head up to the ledge to speak with the photo scout and receive the Photo Challenge #7 quest. If you’ve been playing along as outlined, you should already have the balloon animal and snowman photos — you’ll just need the moon photo. Look up to see that beautiful celestial orb shining down gently, and snap a photo of it to complete the Photo Challenge #7 quest.

TOEM walkthrough

After you’ve turned in all the photos to the photo scout, climb down the rope, then climb up the longer one close to where the broken snowman stands. You’ll see a path going left and a path going straight. Take the straight one up into the new area.

Here, you’ll see two ropes with a yeti to your left. Climb up towards the yeti and speak with them to receive the “Yeti Cuteness” quest. You haven’t seen the floof that the yeti is referring to yet (no, not even Meck!) so don’t worry about showing any photos for now.

Next, keep walking left and you’ll see an explorer. Speak with them to receive the “Ancient Paintings” quest. So that’s what those stick figure drawings are all about! There are four stick drawings in Kiiruberg (five if you count the one he showed you), and one more at another location. Feel free to show the ones you’ve already collected (two or three at this point) and move on for now.

You may not be able to see it, but there’s actually a path behind the tall ledge, so feel free to take it to wind up on the other side of the forked path you saw at the beginning and… say, isn’t that another stick figure? Snap a photo of it, then climb up the rope to the tall ledge. Before speaking with the photo scout, bust out your camera and look to the right to see a goat in a very high place.

TOEM Walkthrough

Now it’s time to speak with the photo scout, who will issue you Photo Challenge #8. You’re to snap a photo of “a wall of lights” and are told this will be a bit tricky. No worries, there are at least two places we can fulfill this quest! Let’s head to one of them now. Walk across the bridge, snap a photo of that owl for your compendium, and press forward.

After arriving in this new area, you’ll immediately notice the fluffiest fluff balls ever. Snap a photo of one, then walk underneath the bridge to take a photo of the stick figure drawing. That should be all of them here in Kiiruberg, so next time we see the mountain explorer we should show him all the photos to receive the “Ancient Paintings” quest stamp.

Lastly, rotate the camera until you spot a present lying on the ground hidden at the bottom base of the observatory. Open it up and you’ll receive a Space Helmet! You’re going to want this in the very, very near future, so let’s equip it, then continue up the rope and into the observatory.

Welcome to the observatory! Lots of science going on here. Let’s start by taking a few photos, like the Tato Alien photo for your compendium. Speaking of alien, there’s a quest opportunity here. With the Space Helmet on, use either the selfie cam or the tripod to get you, Tato Alien, and a planet hanging from the ceiling in one frame to complete the “Play Astronaut” quest. Out of this world!

TOEM Walkthrough

Next, walk around behind the Tato Alien to see a server taking up an entire wall. It’s so big, its blinking lights encompassing the whole wall… wait, that’s what Photo Challenge #8 is referring to when they say “wall of lights!” Snap a photo and then speak with the scientist on the segway.

She’ll be super pumped about one of her Eureka moments — so pumped that she won’t even notice you at first! After a brief introduction, she’ll invite you to use her gigantic telescope. Give it a whirl to see the moon, the big dipper, and… uhh… is that an asteroid? Focus your camera on that for a… surprise.

After witnessing a phenomenal celestial event, head back down and speak to the scientist. She’s stunned — the odds were low, but an asteroid crashing on Kiiruberg weren’t exactly non-zero. She’ll recruit you to help her find the asteroid and take a photo of its location. On it!

Let’s move out of the observatory and, instead of going back the way we came, head right into the new area. Here we’ll spot a friendly-looking skiier; talk to him to receive not only the Ski Goggles but the ALL GEARED UP achievement.

TOEM Walkthrough

Additionally, you may have noticed a small lil zoomy guy every few seconds. That’s Tato Ski, and he’s pretty speedy! My advice is to stand right in his path and point a bit under the doorway. He cycles through every 5 – 7 seconds or so, so if you just miss him, just keep trying and you’ll eventually get that compendium pic!

Climb up the rope and you’ll spot two things: first, a snowman’s head. Funny! Snap a pic of that for half of the “Assemble a Snowman” quest. Next is the final goat off in the distance on a mountain peak. Focus your camera on him to make him come down from his perch.

If you’ve gotten those four tasks cleared, you’re done here! Slide down on the sled, then take the ski lift down to the lodge. I know you’ve been here before, but there’s a new development here on the picnic table — the snowman’s body! Snap a photo for the second half of the “Assemble a Snowman” quest, then leave through the side exit.

You’re now in the area with the balloon family. Walk past them to get to the area where the old man lives. If you’ve found all three goats, you can now complete the “Listen to the Goat Choir” quest by clicking on the sign and having a seat on the bench. In fact, snap a photo of a goat for your compendium while you’re here.

TOEM walkthrough

You’re done with this area, so let’s head back out to the balloon family, then up the rope and into the area with Meck the dog. WHOA, has this asteroid always been here? Snap a photo of the asteroid, then of one of the meteopals for your compendium!

Next, speak with the guy standing by the snowman and show him the photos you took of the snowman parts. Now he can put his snowman back together! He thanks you with a stamp for completing the “Assemble a Snowman” quest.

Now, go up the rope, go straight, and speak with the yeti. Show them the photo of the fluff ball to send them into a whirl of fluffiness, which will complete the “Yeti Cuteness” quest. Next, walk over to the mountain explorer to show them the stick figure drawings you’ve found. You won’t have them all, but at this point you’re only missing one. Lastly, head up to the photo scout and show them a photo of the server wall, which will complete the Photo Challenge #8 quest.

Keep going across the bridge and back to the observatory to show the scientist where the asteroid is. After showing her the photo, you’ll receive the “Locating an Asteroid” quest stamp.

TOEM walkthrough

We’re just about done here in Kiiruberg! Back out of the area with the observatory and climb down the rope. You’ll noticed a particularly pesky ice block doing a fine job of blocking your path. Honk your horn at it a couple times to shatter it, allowing you to press forward.

Whoa, talk about a snowstorm! There are a few things you need to do in this area that hopefully you can take care of now without any backtracking. First, go speak with the balloon boy barely holding on and tie him around your waist, then walk up the plank and honk your horn at the ice block atop the ledge. You’ll have freed an Ice Wizard, who we will speak to later.

Next, break the ice block conveniently blocking the next path forward. It’s another snowy area with some… unusual claw marks. Use your camera to break the ice block first, then place your tripod near the claw marks. Once you’ve done that, hide behind the ledge you just cleared access to. You’ll spot Kiiruberg’s very own monster, Tally — the last one you need for the “Monster Spotting” quest you got back in Oaklaville.

TOEM Walkthrough

Now that that’s settled, head back out the way you came and out of this storm. Once you’re back in the area with the yeti and mountain explorer, head down the rope until you get to the area with the asteroid. Instead of going down the rope towards it, we’re going to take a hard left past the windmill into an area we haven’t been to yet — the Ice Wizard’s home.

Once here, he’ll be super excited about all the research he’s been doing (lotta research going on here for a vacation town). Turns out he’s been studying Cosmic Cubes, and if you’ve been taking photos of them this whole time throughout the game (if you’ve been following this guide the whole time, you have already done so), you’re in luck — you just need to take one more photo.

There’s a Cosmic Cube on his top shelf, so snap a photo of it after he’s done talking to initiate something seriously spectacular.

TOEM walkthrough

I know it’s scary, but walk through the newly opened portal. Just… just do it, I promise it’s safe. Once here, snap a photo of the Cosmo Deer for your compendium. If you’ve been following this guide thus far, this will be the last photo you need for your compendium, netting you the COLLECT THEM ALL achievement.

And hey, while here… pet the Cosmo Deer. Trust me.

Upon your return back to the real world, you’ll receive the “Ice Wizard’s Research” quest stamp. Excellent! Now let’s take this balloon boy home — his birthday cake is getting cold!

Head out of the wizard’s home, then back out of this area into the area with the asteroid. Now go back out of it to the area with the balloon family. They’ll be so happy to see their son again, safe and sound! He’ll receive some birthday wishes, and you’ll receive the “Birthday in Distress” quest stamp. Awesome!

TOEM walkthrough

And that, as they say, is that! For completing all 13 quests, you’ll receive the ICE FIGHTER and BIGGEST HURDLE achievements. Go talk to the employee at the information kiosk who will marvel at your 13/13 stamps acquired. Well done, you! You’ve received a stamp and are primed and ready to go to the next location.

Take the bus and get ready for the highest peak of Kiiruberg — the Mountain Top!

Alternatively, you can click on one of the areas here to fast travel to a different location:






Mountain Top + Remaining Tasks

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