TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

TOEM: Logicity

TOEM Walkthrough

You smell that? That’s hustle and bustle. That’s life happening NOW. That’s fashion, sweetie. That’s success. That’s Logicity, and it’s extremely easy to get lost here, so just follow my lead and you’ll be sorted in no time. Let’s collect that THE BIG CITY achievement and start sight-seeing.

First thing’s first, be sure to speak with the employee at the information kiosk who will let you know that you’ll need 9 stamps to move forward to the next location. With 18 total quests to fulfill here in Logicity, there’s so much to do, so much to see, and you’ll be taking plenty of back streets to accomplish it all. Let’s get snapping!

There are only two things to do around here, one of them being optional. Speak with the man sweating on the bench to learn that all he wants to do in life is clean. Why, he’ll even clean your camera lens if it gets dirty! Foreshadowing much?

Next, take a photo of the escalator you can’t use, but at the specific point in time when the stairs line up to show a graffiti’d… banana? Whatever. This will come in handy later, but if you want to skip on it for now, no worries.

TOEM Walkthrough

Let’s head on upstairs to really work our way into Logicity. There are pigeons EVERYWHERE, so while here, feel free to take the opportunity to snap a photo for your compendium.

Next, walk over to the punk dude sitting on the bench. He’ll lament about his lack of bread crumbs to feed the birds with — a favorite past time of his — and grant you the quest “Punk Rocker Breads Crumbs.” After that, walk over to the flower bed and look up towards the bikes to see a cat hanging from a clothes line. Rough day, eh? Snap a photo to complete the “Hang in There, Buddy” quest.

Now walk underneath the cat and look to your left in the same direction as the left-most path. You’ll see more graffiti in this direction, so feel free to snap a photo while here.

NOTE: There’s a clock tower here that will yield THE GRAND CLOCK TOWER achievement, and you’re free to take a photo of it now, but you may need to wait until your computer or console’s internal clock hits an actual hour, like 6 PM, 9 PM, etc. Test it out by taking a photo of it now, and if you don’t get the achievement, come back when it’s time for the clock to strike.

TOEM Walkthrough

Once you’re done with those tasks, walk over to the hotdog cart on the right to speak with the employee. Turns out they’re fairly new and they don’t have a lot of customers, and would you be so kind as to help them drum up business? You’re the best! They’ll give you a Hotbean Hat and send you on your way. For this task, I recommend equipping it now and keeping it on until you’ve spoken to the three potential customers just to make things easier.

Next, you’ll notice a young woman on her phone next to a hotdog. She’ll ask if you can please take her photo with the hotdog in it because, you know, influencer things. This one might take a try or two to get right, but the trick is to have the food in the frame while focusing on her — you’ll know when she’s the focus when she puts her phone down. Show her the photo, and if she approves, you’ve done well!

You’re done in this area for now, so head on over towards the right into the next area. You’ll see a cute lil pup named Portillo, so be sure to take a photo of him for your compendium.

TOEM Walkthrough

You’ll also see a familiar face — isn’t that the influencer? This time, she’s eating a burger and fries and would love it if you’d help her out again. By snapping another perfect photo, you’ll complete the “Young and Inspiring!” quest.

Head into the bakery and… whoa, what’s with all the mice? Speak with the employee to learn that the mice have taken over the bakery and are driving all the customers away! Sounds like something you can help out with. By focusing your camera on each mouse and then honking the horn, you can scare them out of the bakery and solve the poor employee’s problem (take a photo of one for your compendium while you’re here!). They’re so grateful for your help that they give you free cinnamon buns for life and enable you to complete the “A Mouse Bakery” quest. Sweet!

It’s time to back out of the bakery; notice the influencer is positively glowing! Why not snap another photo of her? You know, for old time’s sake? Just like that, you’ve received the 100 FOLLOWERS achievement.

Moving right along, you’ll notice two friends playing frisbee. Try to speak with one of them and you’ll initiate a scene where a crow swoops in and steals their frisbee! Talk about bad luck! Will you get it back for them, pretty please? Saying yes will initiate the “A Thieving Crow” quest (not like you have much of a choice anyway).

Last thing before leaving this area — take a quick pic of the eyeball graffiti. I promise it’ll come in handy later.

TOEM Walkthough

Instead of moving forward into the unknown area, let’s backtrack a bit first and go back to the area with the hotdog stand. First, walk over to the punk dude to hand him the cinnamon bun, completing the “Punk Rocker Bread Crumbs” quest. You may need to wait until his bird friend pops up, so if that’s true, come back later to snap a photo of the Punky Parrot for your compendium. Now head left into a completely new area of the city.

It’s really busy here with all the traffic, but you gotta cross the road to keep moving things forward. First up, speak with the ghost hanging out above the garbage can (you can only see them if you’re wearing your ghost glasses). They’re from Oaklaville, and they’re super homesick. Why not show them a photo — any photo — from Oaklaville to make them feel better? Doing so will net you the “Spooky Scary City” quest completion stamp. Nice!

TOEM walkthrough

Next, walk over to the guy in the parking lot. He looks really confused about the situation — try snapping a photo of the scene, bonus points for getting an actual question mark in there with him scratching his head over the parking ticket!

Before moving, turn around to notice a small turtle next to a sewer and a piece of pizza. Hmmmmm… surely this means the city is protected. Snap a photo of the turtle for your compendium.

Now, while on the same side of this street, walk towards the arrow but stop before actually moving onto the next area. There seems to be some chewed up wood in the garbage can, which looks strikingly similar to the chewed up wood in Oaklaville’s forest and Stanhamn’s pier where we found the suspicious person. Could they be here in Logicity as well? Whip that camera out and turn it towards the steps. A-HA! Got ya!

TOEM Walkthrough

Continue up those steps and you’ll encounter a salaryman thinking about lunch. If you’re wearing your Hotbean Hat, you can direct him to the hotdog stand for a hot meal. Next, snap a photo of the crow in the tree for your compendium and… say, is that a frisbee? Give the crow a good honk to make him drop it so you can take back what he stole.

Before moving on, look across the street at the building to take a photo of the dog graffiti. So cute!

Now go to the next area — the new one that we haven’t been to yet. More cars, more problems! First, walk towards the spray paint cans under the bridge and bust out your camera. Aim it up on the underside of the bridge to take a photo of cheese graffiti. Yum?

Next, walk up the steps to find a lil bitty mouse. If you didn’t take photos of the mice in the bakery, now’s your chance to take one here for your compendium.

TOEM Walkthrough

Once that’s done, walk up to the top of the steps and speak with the photo scout to receive Photo Challenge #5, where you’ll need to take three photos — 5 living things, a granny car, and a radical moment. Interesting! Let’s move on.

Mosey on over into the building to find journalists hard at work. Head up to the big desk in the back to submit your photos of Spiderman… I mean, take on a new photography job! You’ll receive the Reporter Hat to do the job well, and in return, you’ll need to submit two photos — one of a fashion event and one of a fabulous mustache. Before leaving, take a photo of the editor — after all, he actually does posses a fabulous mustache!

Although you should equip the Reporter Hat, unequip it afterwards in favor of the Hotbean Hat for now and press forward, choosing the path closest to the journalism building for now.

TOEM Walkthrough

There are quite a few things to do here in this area — first, you’ll likely notice some kids skateboarding down the railing — radical! Snap a photo of this radical moment by positioning yourself on the top of the steps and capturing the moment she lands on the railing. Take a few just in case they don’t seem to get accepted, as the photo scout is oddly picky about this one.

Next, walk down the steps and speak with the salaryman next to the taxi driver. If you have the Hotbean Hat on, he’ll make his way to the hotdog stand, pronto!

After that, continue walking until you reach the manhole cover, then set your tripod down in between the manhole cover and the tree. There’s a cryptid in the sewer system named Sewy, and your cunning photography skills are going to prove it really exists! Hide behind the platform you came from to make this monster feel like no one’s watching.

TOEM walkthrough

After you’ve captured the cryptid photo, call your camera back and take a picture of the cat graffiti and the Tato Skateboard for your compendium.

That’s it for this area! Head on over to the next new location (close to the manhole covering) to further your photography journey.

Uh-oh… this looks like a dead end. And maybe even trouble — those guys are listening to loud music amidst a lot of graffiti. What are they doing? Talking to them will initiate the “Ratskullz Crew” quest, where you have to submit 5 photos of graffiti to them to show how much you appreciate street art. See, I told you all those photos would come in handy! If you’ve taken all the photo ops thus far, you should have more than enough to submit to the Ratskullz, proving you’re a real Rascal!

Speaking of rascals, the Ratskullz aren’t just art aficionados — they’re legitimately rascals, and prove this by muddying up your camera. Yuck! Thanks a lot, jerks! Make the best of a bad situation by taking at least one photo with a subject (I chose a piece of poop next to the Tato Skatebird), then head back out to the skateboarding area. Once here, take a taxi to get back to the other side of town quicker.

TOEM walkthrough

Your camera is still very, very muddy, and we’re going to take care of that. But first, while in the area, give the frisbee back to the athletic pair to complete the “A Thieving Crow” quest, then head back to the main street section with the hotdog cart. Once there, take the stairs down to the bus stop area and speak to the man sitting on the bus seat. He really wants to clean things, remember? So let him clean your camera for you! Once he’s done that, you’ll receive a stamp for completing the “Cleaning Away the Streets” quest. Nice!

You may have to go back upstairs for this if it doesn’t change, but after completing that quest, something… changes about this guy. Almost like he’s found his true calling. In fact, he’s positively glowing! Snap a photo of him and you’ll receive the A NEW JOB achievement. Well done!

NOTE: if you need to clean your camera again, you need to use the water pump upstairs at the base of the clock tower, as this person will no longer clean your camera.

TOEM Walkthrough

Now that your camera is all squeaky clean, it’s time to continue on your adventure! Go back up the steps, then turn right and go into the bakery area once more. Now you’re going to head into the new area that we’ve yet to explore — the one with the skull graffiti on the ground.

First up, walk over to the photo scout, who will issue you the Photo Challenge #5. This time, you’ll need to snap a photo of someone in a confusing situation. If you took a photo of the befuddled man next to a bad parking job, you’re in luck — feel free to give it to her now in return for a stamp. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back to the area with the dog graffiti to get that taken care of.

Next, walk up the steps and use your camera to look above the photo scout’s head. Isn’t that a Cosmic Cube? Take a photo of that to watch a rather explosive moment occur, netting you the “Sewer Stumble” quest stamp.

Since you’re here, you might as well walk inside and speak to the art curator. They’re going to want a photo to showcase, but not just any old image — it needs to be distorted somehow. If you took a photo with the muddy camera and gave it a title, you’re in luck! Give that to her and you’ll receive the “Art Exhibition” quest stamp.

NOTE: You can wait until you take a photo of the TOEM and give it to the curator afterwards, but using the muddy camera will complete the quest now.

TOEM walkthrough

Now head back outside and speak with the ghost girl using your ghost goggles. It seems she’s fallen head over heels in love with you and would like to go on a date! Do you know of any good locations? Well, she won’t leave you alone until you find one!

Before leaving, snap a photo of the business pigeon sitting atop the police car for your compendium. He’s the one with the hat on (so pro-fesh!). Now walk past the photo scout and into the last area yet to explore!

First up, approach the sweaty salaryman with the Hotbean Hat on to influence the last remaining customer to eat at the hotdog stand. Fantastic! You can take this hat off now if you’ve found the other two.

Next, snap two photos that are pretty close by each other: first, the granny car, which is immobilized and leaning on its side, then the Tato Tourist for your compendium. You’ll earn the “Always Tumbled Granny” quest stamp for your efforts, and, if you’ve been playing TOEM as outlined above, this should be the last animal you need for Logicity!

TOEM walkthrough

Now to take care of the most pressing issue — the ghost date! Sit down on the adorable little table and chairs to have a boo-tiful time together before this girlfriend ghosts you. “A Ghostly Date” quest complete!

Next, walk up to the piles of… mud? Dirt? On the next platform. That familiar periscope will pop out of the pile and ask if you’ve seen that suspicious character here in Logicity. If you took the photo of the trenched figure underneath the steps in the area with the dog graffiti, you’re all set! Show them the photo and receive the stamp for completing the “Suspicious Activity – City” quest.

Continue walking up the steps to the three workers and rotate your camera. You’ll notice two sets of stairs that were previously hidden by the building. Walk up the one directly opposite the arrow and you’ll find a present — sneakers! Equip them now, and if you’ve already receive the GOING LONG! achievement, feel free to keep them on; otherwise, it’s back in the clogs you go!

TOEM Walkthrough

Now for the other set of stairs. This time, walk all the way up to the top, then whip out your camera and point it across the ledge. You should spot a Cosmic Cube, which you should definitely snap a picture of. Do that to help granny’s car become roadworthy again!

Finally, it’s time to enter the fashion show. Head back down the steps and go into the door of the well-lit building. Put your Reporter Hat on, then make your way to the back of the room. The bouncer won’t be so excited to see you at first, but he’ll gruffly let you pass after a bit. Once backstage, you’ll speak with a fashion designer who has quite the dilemma — she needs to make a big statement but doesn’t have the right hat for it! Can you help her?

Turns out, she’s very picky about what hats she’ll accept for this “Design Problem” quest. She doesn’t seem to like every single hat, but she definitely likes the Cowboy Hat and the Paper Hat, but feel free to try out ones that interest you. After she’s picked one she likes, it’s time for the show! Snap as many photos as you’d like, but I absolutely recommend getting at least 5 people in one of the photos to fulfill another quest.

TOEM Walkthrough

Once the fashion show is over, speak with the fashion designer again (backstage) and she’ll thank you for your fantastic suggestion, earning you the “A Design Problem” quest stamp. Marvelous, darling!

Now keep that Reporter Hat on and head up the stairs to where the three construction guys are, then take the pathway next to them. You’ll encounter the photo scout who issued you Photo Challenge #5, which you should have all the photos for. Show him the photo of the fashion show, the granny car, and the skateboarder to complete the quest.

Next, head into the journalism building and speak with the editor. Show him the photos of the fashion show and his own most excellent mustache to receive the “Press-ing News” quest stamp. Well done!

Last but not least, head back to the main area of Logicity (with the clock tower) and approach the hotdog stand. There should be three happy customers eating hotdogs; to show their gratitude, the hotdog cart employee will thank you profusely and allow you to keep the Hotbean Hat, netting you the “Super Hotbean Bros.” quest stamp.

TOEM walkthrough

And that, as they say, is that! For completing all 18 quests, you’ll receive the CITY PROFESSIONAL and BUSINESS EXECUTED achievements. Go talk to the employee at the information kiosk who will marvel at your 18/18 stamps acquired. Well done, you! You’ve received a stamp and are primed and ready to go to the next location.

Take the bus and get ready for the blindingly bright snow and blisteringly blowing cold winds in the vacation town of Kiiruberg!

Alternatively, you can click on one of the areas here to fast travel to a different location:






Mountain Top + Remaining Tasks

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