TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

TOEM: Stanhamn

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Welcome to paradise, summer seekers! Sandy beaches, relaxing waves, the SET SAIL FOR GOOD WEATHER achievement, suspicious characters… Stanhamn has it all! Wait, what? Suspicious characters? Oh yeah… that’s really, REALLY obvious. After speaking with the employee at the information kiosk and learning that you need 7 stamps to progress with 15 total stamps available here, snap a pic of that oddball standing under the deck. What a weirdo…

TOEM walkthrough

Anyway, while you’re down here, feel free to snap a photo of a few animals for the compendium:

  • Tato Swim (lil Tato just floating in the water there)
  • Seagull (you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take photos of seagulls, but there’s a stationary one here on the deck making it easy)

After snapping those pics, speak with the people present. You’ll see a twirling lady, a man being attacked by seagulls, and a lonely man singing at the fountain. There’s nothing you can do with the twirling lady or the seagull’s victim just yet, but go ahead and speak with the lonely man at the fountain. He’ll spin a tale about the kingliest of fishes — a gigantic sea creature that even wears a crown! And just like that, the first quest is granted — “the King of Fishes.” While still here, take a picture of the old man singing too (be sure to get the music notes in the photo!).

toem walkthrough

Before leaving for the next area, pop into that camera building. This is the photo scouts HQ, where all your photos will eventually be displayed! Speak with the scout, then make mental note to come back here once you’ve completed all the photo scout missions across all locations (important!).

After that, head to the right and onto the next area. There isn’t too much to do here at this point in time due to the bridge being out, but there are a few things you can take care of.

First, snap a few photos of animals for your compendium:

  • Fras (the cat sleeping on the boxes)
  • Fia (the cat on the other side of the bridge next to the man. You may have to wait until later to snap a photo!)
  • Sunday Swan (a swan sitting in the water. Suspiciously fancier on Sundays — I took the photo on the left on a Tuesday and the photo on the right on a Sunday).

TOEM walkhrough

After you’ve taken the photos for your compendium, speak with the snowman-looking guy. He’ll pout about not having a good song to whistle, offering you the “whistling dilemma” quest. Show him the picture of the old man with the music notes and he’ll change his tune — literally!

Once that’s all settled, head back out to the starting area, then head left into the area you’ve yet to visit. Somewhere new! Exciting!

Take a few photos of animals for your compendium:

  • Bubble Fly (flying next to the sleeping pirate)
  • Toad (hopping around the dock across the bridge)

Got them? Great! Now speak with the photo scout to receive Photo Challenge #3, where you’ll need to take a photo of a shy hippo, ice cream, and sand. All three can be found in the same area, which is exactly where we’re headed to next.

Whoa, something is going on in the water next to that potentially shy hippo! Let’s place that handy dandy tripod down and hide so we can snap a few photos. Place the tripod in between the flowerbeds, railing, hippo, and farmer standee, then hide below the platform next to a man sitting in the shade. Wait until you hear some rumbling, then open up your camera to get a great shot of a cryptid named Lochy, then turn the camera to take a photo of the shy hippo.

Now that you’ve gotten those two photos, get your camera back and take a few shots down here. First, get a shot of that crab sitting on the rock for your compendium, followed by a photo of the sand castle by the sizzling man and the ice cream by the row of seagulls. They’re blocking your path to something interesting for now, but there’s nothing you can do… yet.

Before leaving this area, check out the Cosmic Cube in the water looking opposite the sea cryptid. Take a photo of it to move that pesky washing machine so that sunbather can enjoy what he came here for and you can get a stamp (after talking to him). Excellent!

Let’s walk back up to the platform and get that farmer standee shot. You know what to do — place that tripod down in front of the standee, then stand behind it. Say cheese!

TOEM Walkthrough

Now it’s time to keep moving forward. Move to the next location and you’ll see the weather change at the drop of a hat — literally, you may actually drop your hat due to the severe winds, pouring rain, and dramatic thunder and lighting! And, wouldn’t you know it, that’s a problem that you’ll soon need to help with! A lighthouse operator has just stumbled out of the lighthouse and needs your assistance. You see, his binoculars are broken, but your camera has dynamic zoom, which will do in a pinch!

Just like that, you’ve received the “solve the chaos” quest. Follow him into the lighthouse; once there, open up that big present to find a fishing hat. You know the drill — equip it (and unequip to something else if you’d like afterwards) to work towards that COSPLAYER achievement! Once you’ve gotten the gift, head up the ladder to help a poor guy out.

After you get upstairs, you’ll see the pouring rain is doing quite a number on the lighthouse. Whip out your camera and look in the direction of the eyeball sign to see a pretty scary sight — a dramatic waterspout ensnaring ships and flinging them onto the rocks! Snap a photo, then talk to the lighthouse operator to show him the bad news.

TOEM Walkthrough

The lighthouse operator realizes how dire the situation is, but between the two of you, this can get sorted out without too much trouble. All you have to do is point your camera at the ships perched on the rocks and he’ll direct a supersonic blast with his horn to knock them down. You don’t need to take any photos — just make sure you’re pointing at the ships to get the job done. After saving four ships, speak to the lighthouse operator to complete the “solve the chaos” quest and to receive the all-important horn tool. This is going be extremely useful!

Now that you’ve saved the day, you can continue on your quest to snap photos. Head down the ladder, then out of the lighthouse. You’ll notice there’s a row of seagulls next to a sign with a horn on it. Why not try out your new horn tool? Walk up to the seagulls and whip out your camera. You’ll notice a new button above “snapshot” labeled “honk.” With the seagulls in clear view, press the honk button. Congrats! You’ve now opened a path into a previously blocked off area.

TOEM walkthrough

You’ve reached one end of Stanhamn, and if you’ve been playing as outlined above, you should be able to complete this area right here, right now. Start by going up the plank and opening up the gift to receive an umbrella. You know the drill — equip that bad boy right now, then feel free to unequip if you desire. Before heading back down, take a photo of pretty kitty Willemijn up on those boxes for your compendium.

Now, head back down and speak with the wizard strumming the guitar. He’s clearly talented but is just missing a little… something. Why not pop that Fisherman’s Whistle tune into your Hikelady and play it for him? That should give him that much needed inspiration.

Aww, what a cute lil private concert! It sure was something, and it seems to have an effect on the the underwater wildlife. That big shadow swimming around nearby seems to have taken a deep dive down below. Why not head to the water’s edge and focus your camera on it?

Incredible! The King Fish! It will jump out of the water and stay suspended in the air for a short time, almost as if it’s floating. If you missed the shot or didn’t get the one you wanted, don’t worry — all you have to do is listen to the concert again to get the King Fish to leap out of the water once more. What a catch!

TOEM walkthrough

After you’ve snapped the perfect King Fish photo (added to your compendium, of course!), you’re done here! Head back to the rainy area, through the area with the shy hippo, then back out to the Photo Challenge #3 scout area. Speak with him to show the photos you’ve taken of the shy hippo, the sand castle, and the sun-bathing ice cream cone to complete the challenge and receive a stamp. Nice!

Before leaving this area, walk over to the snoozing pirate and whip out your camera to wake her up. How? Honk the horn! You’ll give her a fright, but she’ll immediately launch into her woes about missing her pirate hat, locked in a chest beneath the waves. Perhaps recognizing your helpful nature, she hands over the key to the chest in hopes that you’ll find her hat, issuing you the “Queen of Paper Hats” quest. Thanks, Pirate Queen!

Now that we’re back in the starting area with the horn, there are quite a few things we can do that we weren’t able to beforehand. First thing’s first, though, let’s show that lonely old man the photo of the King Fish to complete the “King of Fishes” quest. Next, set your camera on the dancing lady and, when she’s close enough, honk the horn to make her leap into the air. Snap a photo of her while midair for a sparkly pic and to receive the A SPARKLING JUMP achievement.

Lastly, head over to the man getting attacked by seagulls and open up the camera. Focus on the seagulls and give the horn a good honking. That oughta scare them off! And good thing, too, as that man can now take you to a completely new area. Hooray!

Now that you’ve arrived to this new location, start by heading right to speak with a ghost. Seems pretty upset that his supreme deluxe sandwich is nowhere in sight — just his luck! Maybe we’ll come across that later. For now, head up the planks and into the building.

There are a number of things to do in this power plant — namely, we need to get the power running. First, walk over to the gift to obtain a hard hat. Equip it to work towards the COSPLAYER achievement, but honestly, while you’re here, you should keep it on. Safety first!

Next, walk up the plank to the left to see an employee standing next to a wall of photos. He’s very proud of himself for getting all these employee of the month awards and is one photo away from completing the whole wall! In a cruel twist of fate, you can ruin his day by putting up one of your own selfies in the empty frame, netting you the EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH achievement (you may have to be wearing the hard had for this, but I found it unnecessary). “He doesn’t even go here!” the crestfallen employee will likely later wail.

NOTE: You can also put a photo of him in the frame instead.

TOEM Walkthrough

After crushing the dreams of a hard-working employee, walk down to the employee who looks like he’s just about to fall into the water. He assures you that he has incredible balance, but you’ve decided to continue your mean streak and prove him wrong. Whip out your camera and focus on him, then honk the horn to make him fall into the water. He’ll be fine — promise — and you’ll complete the “Make Someone Take a Bath” quest and receive a stamp.

Lastly, continue crossing the plank to the other side to see a big machine with an “X” on the panel. Speak to the machine operator to learn that the power is down due to some weirdness happening in the machine. He’ll pop open the door and ask you to take a peek inside with your camera. You know the drill — anything that seems off, point your camera at it and that’ll draw the machine operator’s attention to it. Nothing will happen if the light isn’t turned on, though, so start up top first and work your way throughout the rest of the machine after.

Once that’s done, you’ll have completed the “Power Shortage?!” quest! Head outside to the front of the building and speak to a… new development… floating in the water, and take a photo of a dragonfly at the pier for your compendium. Got the shot? Great! Mosey on over to the next new area.

TOEM walkthrough

This area has three quests you should actually be able to complete right away if you’ve been following the above. First, speak with the photo scout to receive the Photo Challenge #4, where you need to become a farmer. Remember that farmer standee by the shy hippo and the water cryptid? If you took a photo of it back there, show her the photo to earn an easy stamp. If not, no worries — we’ll be back in that area soon, so just remember to snap a photo next time you’re in the vicinity.

Next, walk down across the bridge and to the ghost standing on the sand. He wants a particular photo and will issue you the “Scorching Flame?” quest. All you have to do here is point the camera up to the sun and snap a quick pic, then show our ghost friend the results. Easy peasy!

Finally, speak with the periscope peeking out of the flower beds. If you took that photo of the suspicious person right upfront at the beginning, you should be able to complete this “Suspicious Activity – Harbor” quest right away. Nicely done!

TOEM Walkthrough

Here’s another area where you’ll be able to clear everything all in one go. First, take a photo of that very sparkly seagull to get the FLIGHT READY achievement. There’s a goldfish in a bowl nearby that you’re welcome to take a photo of as well, but it doesn’t seem to be a part of the compendium.

Walk up the planks to see a speech bubble over a box. Speak to it to gain access to the fishing tower, capable of yoinking anything from the ocean. You’ll then be tasked with the “Ocean Garbage” quest, wherein you’ll need to fish five garbage clusters out of the ocean. Although most of the garbage isn’t anything you can do much with, the treasure chest you fish up contains an extremely helpful diving helmet. Might as well put it on now — you WILL be using this shortly.

Before leaving the area, speak with the box one more time to confirm that you’ve fished up all the garbage and to receive a stamp for completing the “Ocean Garbage” quest. Nicely done!

You’ll soon recognize the next area — we’ve been here before, but not on this side. If you weren’t able to earlier, take a photo of the sweet baby Fia for your compendium, then speak with the man standing next to the cat. He’ll tell you that his dog has gone missing and ask you to help find him, granting you the “A Lost Dog” quest. Before leaving the area, take a moment to grab the present from upstairs — rubber boots! Take a moment to equip them, and, if you haven’t received the GOING LONG! achievement yet, unequip them and put your clogs back on.

TOEM walkthrough

Now that the bridge is down, you can take the shortcut back to the beginning area. Do that now, then continue left past the photo headquarters towards the Pirate Queen. What’s this? There’s something new here — a sandwich surrounded by a flock of seagulls! Whip out that camera and focus on the birds, then honk the horn to drive them off. Let’s pick up that sandwich and take this lunch to go. Onwards!

Once you’ve arrived in the area with the shy hippo, you might be tempted to run up to a new face and pet them immediately. Before doing that, head down to the area with the sunbathing ice cream and row of seagulls. They were blocking your path before, but no longer! Honk the horn at them to make them scatter, then, with your diving helmet equipped, check out the manhole covering to learn what it means to go even further beyond.

TOEM walkthrough

Now that you’re under the deep gray sea, there are a few things you’ll need to do here.

First, take some photos of animals for your compendium:

  • Happy Carp (swimming in a school around the scene)
  • Seahorse (a few swimming low around the happy carp)
  • Jellyfish (just one near the treasure chest)
  • Tato Scuba (just one closer to the photo sign)

Once you’ve taken a photo of those four animals, feel free to open up the chest with the key the Pirate Queen gave you. Inside will be her coveted Pirate Hat! Better hold onto this.

Before you leave, take a look at where the photo sign is and whip out your camera. You’ll spot the iconic, sunken Smiling Huntsman! Snap a pic to receive the A VOYAGE UNDERWATER achievement. Once you’ve completed these few tasks, it’s time to return to the surface.

TOEM walkthrough

Before you go much further, equip the Pirate Hat you found in the undersea treasure chest, then unequip it to work towards the COSPLAYER achievement. Please note that this hat is going to be handed over to the Pirate Queen, and while this isn’t a missable achievement, you’ll have to backtrack if you forget to do it now.

Once that’s handled, go up the plank and pet — and take a photo of — a very good boy named Meck for the WHO’S A GOOD BOY achievement (if not, it can be acquired in another location)! Meck will now follow you — aww!

NOTE: although I am not seeing Meck’s photo in the compendium, I still think it’s probably a good idea to take a photo of him — just in case!

Now, go back to the Pirate Queen and wake her up again. She’ll be so grateful to see her Pirate Hat that, as a token of her gratitude, will trade you for the Paper Hat currently adorning her head. This is why you should wear the Pirate Hat at least once before handing it over, as you cannot have both the Pirate Hat and the Paper Hat in your inventory at once yet you’ll need to hand it over to her to complete the “Queen of Paper Hats” quest.

If you’d like to get the Pirate Hat back at any point, you’ll need to give her the Paper Hat in return. So, since you’re here, wear that Paper Hat with pride.

TOEM Walkthrough

Let’s take that very good boy back to his human, yes? Head on over to the beginning area, then again through to the docks with the swan. Cross the bridge to reunite man and his best friend to complete the “A Lost Dog” quest. Don’t worry, you’ll see them again soon enough!

Finally, go back to the beginning area, then speak with the ferryman to whisk you back to the power plant area. Remember that sandwich you found? Hand it over to the ghost, who will be so happy to receive it he’ll cross over to the other side without even taking a bite. Odd, but at least you’ve completed the “Supreme Deluxe Sandwich” quest!

TOEM walkthrough

And that, as they say, is that! For completing all 15 quests, you’ll receive the CALM AS THE SEA and SEAWORTHY achievements. Go talk to the employee at the information kiosk who will marvel at your 15/15 stamps acquired. Well done, you! You’ve received a stamp and are primed and ready to go to the next location.

Take the bus and get ready for the big, bright metropolis that is Logicity!

Alternatively, you can click on one of the areas here to fast travel to a different location:






Mountain Top + Remaining Tasks

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