TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

TOEM: Oaklaville

toem walkthough

Welcome to Oaklaville, home of the mightiest oak around! Checking in at the information kiosk will let you know you’ll need 7 stamps to move onto the next bus stop. And would you look at that, you’ve visited this lovely location, meaning you’ve received the CALM FOREST achievement! While here, you’ll be able to collect 13 out of 15 total stamps — 2 of them will require you to complete some tasks in other locations. 13 is more than enough to move forward, so let’s get snapping!

A good rule of thumb is to talk to everyone you see in each area you visit. Feel free to talk to the baby walking around the kiosk and snap a photo of the butterfly right here for your compendium. You might notice a crazy character hiding on top of the kiosk; make note of that for now and press forward deeper into Oaklaville.

Now that you’ve arrived into the heart of Oaklaville, you’ll notice a few different places you can go.

TOEM walkthrough


First thing’s first, however; there are a number of animal photos to take for the compendium and even a present to grab:

  • Snail (immediately to the right of the screen near a little flag)
  • Tom (the gentlemonkey with the top hat on the fence to the right)
  • Nestworm (a lil worm that comes out of the birdhouse above the sad sock fellow)
  • Forest bird (the small black birds in front of the hotel)
  • Stag Beetle (the bug crawling above the scout)

As for the present, head to the right side of the big tree hotel, then go behind it. You’ll likely need to rotate the camera to see where you’re going. Directly behind the hotel will be the all-important foam finger. Equip it now while you’re here — in fact, make it a habit to equip everything at least once when you gain an item — and then unequip if you wish to work towards the COSPLAYER achievement.

Start by speaking with the scout near a standee — she’ll issue Photo Challenge #2, where you’ll have to take a specific photo of “an army of tiny soldiers.” Next, head inside the tree to find an iconic hotel within. Ring the bell at the desk to wake up the employee, who will ask you to take a photo of the hotel for new marketing material, issuing the quest “Capture the Hotel’s Beauty.”

A sharp eye will have noticed a furry friend purring away on the reception desk. Pull out that camera and snap a photo of Oskar, who is a very good cat, for your compendium.

While here, speak with the guy hanging out in the lobby to receive the quest “Monster Spotting.” This will be a 4-part quest, with one monster per location to be found throughout your journey. Only one will be here in Oaklaville, so don’t worry if you’re not finding the rest while here (because they’re literally not here).

Just above and to the left of the cryptid hunter is a very… interesting photo of a horse. You should snap a photo of it… or, in the very least, remember where this work of art is.

Before you leave, point your camera up to the endless ceiling and max out your zoom function. You should be able to juuuust spot something interesting, yielding the YOU FOUND US! achievement.

Upon exiting the hotel, speak with the sad sock fellow if you haven’t already. He’s super bummed out because he’s missing a sock, and won’t you pretty please bring it back to him? Accepting his request will grant the “Missing Sock” quest. For now just accept, then head right into the next area.

Looks like the scouts are having a great time camping! Look how much fun they’re having dancing around!

TOEM walkthrough

Before you get into the thick of it, be sure to snap some animal pics for your compendium and… something else:

  • Pet Rock (stand by the steps and rotate your camera so that the path you just came from is in the top right corner. You’ll notice three rocks on the edge of the scene — the smallest one has a lil smile, and that’s the one you want a photo of. You may need to take a photo of the Cosmic Cube first to get this.)
  • Ladybug (crawling on the wall of the cabin closest to the high road. You’ll likely have to rotate your camera again)
  • Cosmic Cube (a mysterious box that you can only snap a photo of if you’re standing near the scout chopping wood and zooming into the dense, thick trees alongside the lower wall of the cabin.)

TOEM walkthrough

After snapping those pics, speak to the scout standing on top of the stump near the cabin. He asks if you’d like to join their organization — which, duh! — and gives you the quest “Become a Scout.” You’ll need to snap three photos of edible plants to complete their wilderness cookbook. With everything that you can do here done for now, take the path behind the scout and cabin.

Now that you’re in this area, you’ll notice another scout and standee. Speak to him to get the quest “Photo Challenge #1,” where you’ll need to take three photos of a mossy rock, a pine tree, and an axe. Pine trees and mossy rocks are found all over Oaklaville, and that axe is right next to where that mysterious box was down below near the cabin. This is a really quick one to finish and can be done within about 30 seconds, so go ahead and take care of that now to earn a stamp.

Done? Great! Keep walking forward and you’ll notice a… speech bubble over a trashcan? Weird. Talk to it to receive the “Suspicious Activity – Forest” quest. Moving right along!

Before you continue up the steps, you might notice some ants — tiny soldiers, if you will. Snap a photo for your compendium AND to later fulfill the quest “Photo Challenge #2.” Awesome!

Walk up the steps to see a porcupine and a pathway blocked by a fallen log. Speak to the porcupine, who will let you know that he can move the log but will need a bit more muscle to do so. He’ll instruct you to find his three brothers and keep your camera focused on them; you’ll then receive the “Log Blocking a Path” quest.

TOEM walkthrough

Since you can’t go forward, you’ll have to backtrack a bit. No worries! Head back to the area you were just in with the cabin and the scouts and look up towards the front of the cabin’s roof to find one spiky boi. Stand at the top of the steps and focus the camera on him long enough to make him put two and two together, after which he’ll go back to the rock next to the fallen log.

Now head back to the tree hotel area and speak with the scout next to the standee. Show her the ant photo to not only complete the challenge but receive the incredibly important tripod. You’re definitely going to need this soon! Once you’ve received the tripod, head into the hotel and look to your right. You’ll notice another spiky guy sitting on a stool. Focus your camera on him long enough and he’ll head back with his brothers.

As for the last porcupine, go back to the information kiosk at the beginning and look up at the roof. You’ll see him sitting pretty up high — focus the camera on him and he’ll scurry away to hang out with his siblings. Before heading out again, you’ll notice some fluffy white plants growing next to the kiosk — snap a photo of the cotton puffs and then head to the cabin area. Instead of going up to the porcupines, however, go straight past the wood chopping blocks and into a dimly lit, densely wooded area. Notice the mushrooms absolutely everywhere? Snap a pic and then come back out. Finally, head back over to the spiky bros, who will lift that log with ease! Now you can continue onwards and upwards into the next area.

There are a couple of important things to do while here, the first being to take a quick pic of those weird, square plants. That’ll be three for three on the wilderness cookbook ingredients!

Next, talk to that bird perched on the stump and ask if he’s okay, then tell him it will be okay. That was easy!

Finally, walk up to the highest possible landing in this area and stand next to the camera sign. Note that whenever you see one of these, it’s a photo-op area, meaning a very important picture can be taken here. Stand at the edge and peer into the camera in the same direction from whence you came. You should see a familiar building from a completely new angle. Snap a photo to capture not only a great shot, but the achievement A MAJESTIC HOTEL.

TOEM walkthrough

Finished? Great! Head back down to the scout on the stump and show him the plant photos. In return for your hard work, you’ll be granted the Fjallbjorn cap. Put it on now to show your scout’s honor!

With your cap firmly on your head, it’s time to leave the area and to new, undiscovered locations. Walk back to the giant tree hotel, but not before entering and talking to a familiar face — that bird from earlier! You’ll be thanked for your help and allowed entry into the hotel’s restaurant. Uhh… interesting setup they got here. Speak with Jamal Green (the composer!) to receive a new song, then snap a photo of a squirrel for your compendium.

Back in the lobby, speak to the employee at the desk (you may have to ring the bell again). Show them the photo you took of the hotel — the one that got you the achievement — and you’ll complete the “Capture the Hotel’s Beauty” quest. Nice to see your handiwork so appreciated!

Now we’re out and back on our way! Head past the photo scout to a dimly lit area with a squirrel running in circles. You can take a photo if you want, but pretty sure the squirrel photos we just got are hard to beat. You’ll also notice a table with some flowers and a sprout growing in the ground. There’s nothing you can do here at the moment, so just press forward and upwards for now.

What an interesting neck of the woods! Speak with the scout to initiate a game of hide and seek. All you need to do to seek the hiders is to focus your camera on them. Although there are four total, you may notice a fifth — dare I say, suspicious — person hiding on the right side of the wooded area. Be sure to snap a photo of them as well.

TOEM walkthrough

Congrats on finding all those scouts and earning another stamp! But time waits for no photographer, and your journey must continue. Press forward deeper into the woods and you’ll come up to an interesting abode, complete with a cutscene. Watch as a skeleton with seriously cool shades runs out of the house screaming! Talk to him to receive the ghost glasses, which are spooky and cool. Put — and keep — them on to see some new faces that have been haunting the place this entire time!

Before helping out haunted friends, take a photo of a very good dog named Sero running around in circles for your compendium. You can even pet them if you want — and you should, because you’ll have a chance to receive the WHO’S A GOOD BOY achievement for doing so (if not, it can be acquired in the next location)!

Now, go inside the house and speak to the ghost seated on the couch. They’re super grumpy because they pull a lot of weight around here. If you give them a helping hand, they’ll be sure to give you a stamp in return! Pick up the quest “Ghost Story” from them, the second quest you won’t be able to finish without visiting other locations. Before leaving the house, head up the stairs to take a photo of a lil floaty Tato Fly. Cute!

Alright, we’re done here for now! Go back downstairs and take note of that skeleton boi — is he shiny now? Snap a photo of him to receive the CALMED DOWN achievement. Now speak to our new, transparent friend. As we’ve surmised, they’re very dead, but before they pass through to the other side, they want to see a photo of how they lived. They vaguely recall being a stallion — a horse — of some kind. Now, where have we seen a horse picture before?

If you haven’t already, go back to the hotel and snap a photo of that horse picture hanging above the cryptid hunter’s head. If you already did, great! Show it to the horse and he’ll be on his weighhhhhhh (just a little ghost horse humor we have around here).

TOEM walkthrough

That’s it for this area! Head back to the area with the squirrel running around in circles and the table with the flowers on it. Whoa — has that ghost always been there? Guess so! Turns out he wants to play a game of cups, where he hides something underneath a cup and moves it around the table with two other identical cups with nothing underneath them. Can you best this specter?

Hopefully you can last at least one — if you win the first round, you’ll receive a pair of wet socks… yay? Oh wait, wasn’t that sad sock fellow looking for these? Perfect! Before leaving, play as many rounds as it takes to help this ghost pass through to the other side. Five oughta do it!

Just before you exit the area, take a look under the stairs. Huh. What’s this Cosmic Cube? Snap a photo of it for something seriously strange to occur, then head into the newly sprouted house. There, you’ll find a Tato Bug for your compendium and a present — just for you! Open it up to receive a cowboy hat, pardner! Equip it, then feel free to equip the cap back if you wish.

TOEM Guide

After beating the ghost at his own game, trek back to the hotel and speak to our sad sock friend. Look at how happy he is to receive his sock back! Wait… why are there two? Weird, he only lost one! He graciously gives you the duplicate wet, dingy, soaked sock. Great… you know the drill by now though — equip it, then re-equip the clogs. Yuck…

But awww, look at how happy he looks now! And… sparkly? Why don’t you snap a photo of your new happy friend to receive the JUST A SOCK achievement. Almost makes wearing that wet sock worth it…

We’re almost done with Oaklaville’s first visit! Just a few more stops. Let’s head back to the cabin where the scouts are all hanging out, then run past it to the dimly lit, densely wooded area. We were here briefly before, but now it’s time to take care of some business. First, take a photo of a bee buzzing around its hive. This should be the last animal photo you need for the compendium here in Oaklaville — well done, you!

Next, take a look at the trees close to the beehive. You’ll notice something in them, shaking and scared. Turn the camera and you’ll see a flower standee with a cut-out for the head. Cute! Why don’t you put your tripod down and take advantage of this positioning? Walk over to the flower standee and put your head in the hole. Now you’re a flower! Take a photo to commemorate the occasion 🙂

Wait… whoa, is that a cryptid? Sweet! Snap a photo of the forest monster (named Bushy), then turn the camera and snap a photo of you in as a flower. As they say, two birds, one camera!

TOEM Walkthrough

After taking these two great photos, you’ll notice a pathway continuing deeper into the woods past the slide. Huh… the music changed. What’s that amazing beat? Head on up towards the sound and you’ll see a bouncer bear in sunglasses. He’ll ask to see your swag, so be sure to be dressed appropriately (ghost glasses). With enough swag, he’ll let you through to something super intense. Snap a photo of what’s on stage to “become a paparazzi.”

Done here? Great! Head on back to the hotel and speak with the cryptid hunter to show him who… or what… you found in the forest. One monster down, three to go!

And that, as they say, is that! For completing as much as you can this time around, you’ll receive the NATURE’S SHOWSTOPPER achievement. Go talk to the employee at the information kiosk who will marvel at your 13/15 stamps acquired. Well done, you! You’ve received a stamp and are primed and ready to go to the next location.

Take the bus and set sail for the sandy beaches of port city Stanhamn!

Alternatively, you can click on one of the areas here to fast travel to a different location:






Mountain Top + Remaining Tasks

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