TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide

Make your way through TOEM to TOEM and beyond!

TOEM walkthrough

“I had a hard time putting TOEM down, its calming, cheerful nature feeling way too cozy to quit. Its photography-based puzzle gameplay will charm just about anyone that feels drawn to the title, so if you have even a remote interest in TOEM, it’s absolutely a safe bet. If you want 4 – 6 hours of wholesome fun that will leave you craving for more, take a little hike with TOEM.”

— Hey Poor Player’s TOEM Review

TOEM is a whimsically fun and funny photography-based puzzle game that will delight adventurers looking for a chill, relaxing time. Spanning six little worlds with puzzles, people, and a plethora of photography targets, players will start their journey at home and end it at the breathtaking top of the world. Those looking to snap pics and help others will feel rewarded here; in the very least, it’s an enjoyable game to play the afternoon away.

Of course, it’s not all that enjoyable when feeling stuck, especially when the last few achievements are in within reach. If this sounds like you, don’t fear! We’ve snapped every photo, completed every challenge, and acquired every achievement in TOEM, and we’re more than happy to help you do the same with our TOEM Complete Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide!

TOEM: Homelanda

TOEM Homelanda

Homelanda, Sweet Homelanda! Here is where our journey begins (THE BEGINNING achievement).

After speaking with Nana and packing up all your things, be sure to do the following:

  • Snap a photo of Nana
  • Snap a photo of Nana’s house (HOME SWEET HOME achievement)
  • Find the hidden gift (clogs — behind Nana’s house)

Toem walkthrough

You’ll also need to take a photo of all the friendly animals in the area for your compendium:

  • Cow (in the pasture next to the kiosk)
  • Flies (next to the apple core)
  • Home bird (in between the house and the cow pasture on the ground)
  • Tato (on top of the kiosk’s “i” sign)

Note: the gift hidden behind Nana’s house is a pair of clogs. Although they’ll slow you down a little, it’s best to put them on now to get the GOING LONG! achievement, which is to walk 5,000 steps specifically in clogs.

EDIT: Clogs are now no longer required for the GOING LONG! achievement, but we’ll keep this info up as a testament to what once was.

Toem walkthrough

After completing all you can, note that you’ll only have two of three stamps in your community stamp card. This is because the last one is to “experience TOEM,” which is the goal of the entire game. Just come back home after you’re done to get this stamp.

All set? Great! Time to get on the bus and head on over to Oaklaville!

Alternatively, you can click on one of the areas here to fast travel to a different location:






Mountain Top + Remaining Tasks

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