New Metroid Dread Overview Trailer Is A Great Intro For New Players

Do You Feel The Dread?


We’re getting close to the October 8th release date of Metroid Dread. Fans new and old eager to see more of what the game is about could do a lot worse than Nintendo’s new overview trailer. With the last original 2D Metroid title being nearly 19 years old, I imagine a few players could use a starter course.

Not a lot of brand new information is revealed here. Still, this overview brings a lot of information from different sources together. Samus this time ends up on Planet ZDR. Fighting her way through massive underground chambers, she’ll need all the resources she can find to survive.


Luckily, she’ll have a variety of moves both new and old. Staples like her missiles, arm cannon, and the counter added in Metroid: Samus Returns are here. So is a new slide move which can help you quickly get through tight spots. Returning tools like the spider magnet and morph ball will be in the game as well. You’ll just need to find them. Seeing the morph ball given a moment to shine here is nice. The game’s marketing has largely forgotten about it until now. With the slide move helping you get through some spots the ball would traditionally be there for it could seem less necessary. It’s nice to see it will still be needed at times since it has been a major part of Samus’ arsenal since the series’ first title.

Many foes are in your way. We get a brief glance at a fight with returning villain Kraid and question whether the chozo seen in an earlier trailer is a friend or foe. None are perhaps as terrifying as the E.M.M.I. This robot will not stop hunting you so you’ll need to use all Samus’ abilities to escape it. Different versions of this robot have different powers and are different colors to show that. Seeing a rainbow of E.M.M.I. here is cool considering most of the marketing so far has focused on the white version.


The trailer also makes time to show off what the Metroid Dread Amiibo will do. The Samus one unlocks an extra energy tank while the E.M.M.I. provides an additional missile tank. Not a fan of the physical DLC Nintendo are seemingly offering here but if Metroid games of the past are any indication there should be plenty to find in game. These Amiibo also restore your health and missiles partially once per day.

Are you looking forward to Metroid Dread? Check out this overview trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Andrew Thornton
Andrew has been writing about video games for nearly twenty years, contributing to publications such as DarkStation, Games Are Fun, and the E-mpire Ltd. network. He enjoys most genres but is always pulled back to classic RPG's, with his favorite games ever including Suikoden II, Panzer Dragoon Saga, and Phantasy Star IV. Don't worry though, he thinks new games are cool too, with more recent favorites like Hades, Rocket League, and Splatoon 2 stealing hundreds of hours of his life. When he isn't playing games he's often watching classic movies, catching a basketball game, or reading the first twenty pages of a book before getting busy and forgetting about it.

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