21 Gaming Images That Will Take Your Blood Pressure to the Next Level

HeyPoorPlayer.com does not take responsibility for any heart attacks

game over

Today I woke up and chose violence. Video game violence.

These images are meant to cause pain. To make you relive certain traumas. To force you to suffer.

So… enjoy!


1. We held our breath until the disc loaded

playstation 2

Especially blue discs on the fat PS2s because you NEVER KNEW.


sticky keys

I just want to run ffs


3. You’re lying if you didn’t try to take a shot at this guy too

duck hunt dog

Who’s laughing NOW? *shoots repeatedly*

4. Who tf would do this??

Cheeto controller

via reddit/cringetopia

I just wanna talk.

5. Wiimotes and TVs taught us the definition of schadenfreude 


Funny to watch… until it happens to you

6. I don’t know how many more times I can handle rejection


At this point I’d rather call up my middle school crush and confess I liked them once.

7. Who else still has PTSD over this?

ring of death
I still can’t turn it on without praying to every possible deity I can think of.

8. How to ruin someone’s day in two seconds or less:

broken game

At least the game’s save data is stored elsewhere, right?

9. Maybe this one is just funny, but still

Hope they don’t spend that penny all in one place!

10. Now that’s just sad

via reddit

And gross. Sad gross.

11. Oh nooooo

vita burn in

via NeoGAF

Hope you weren’t planning on playing your PS Vita again…

12. When you saw this, your Pokemons’ lives flashed before your eyes


via reddit/gameboy

And after you’d worked so hard to find shinies…

13. Clean your gd keyboards


14. This triggered my gag reflex

cockroaches ps4

I don’t want to pull apart my PS4 to find any friends, but I also don’t want friends. I feel so backed into a corner.

15. What a nice clean white PS5!


via twitter/tariqmoosa

Would be a shame if someone were to… customize it.

16. Beat Saber released a new update!

beat saber

Now all your custom songs are broken… again!

17. Why


Literally… just why? Who hurt you?

18. I’m sorry I included this image

gross mouse

via reddit/gross

Friendly reminder to WASH YOUR HANDS

19. When Nintendo said things were looking up, maybe they meant the left joy con?

via reddit/Switch

If you’ve seen this screen every single time you try to play a game, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

20. Why (refrain)

oculus rift s error

via reddit/oculus

This never makes sense. It seems to always solve itself. And yet we ALWAYS DO THIS DANCE, OCULUS.

21. Scalpers suck.


Scalpers suck.


I’d keep going but my heart is about to give out.

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