Genshin Impact Seirai Stormchasers Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Seirai Stormchasers Quest Guide

Greetings, Travelers. Today we’ll be going over the Seirai Stormchasers Quest Guide for Genshin Impact. You’ll get this quest automatically once you get done with the Ritou Escape Plan quest. All of the rewards for this quest chain will be calculated at the end.

To start the quest, you’ll go talk to the Katheryn at the Inazuma Adventurer’s Guild, where she tells of some adventurers making an expedition to Seirai Island, the most thunderstruck of Inazuma’s islands. After accepting the quest, head off to the shores of Seirai Island, to a little tent where one of the adventurers, Eiko, is.

After talking to Eiko, you’ll head over to her partner, Taisuke, that is busy staring at a pile of rocks adorned with ropes and paper. The two will discuss the situation, then send you on your way to follow some cat paw trails. Follow that path, and you’ll arrive at a shrine where you’ll have a lovely conversation with a cat that sends you on an errand to fix up some shrine boxes in return for teaching you the secret to the rocks. The quest will show you exactly where to go, with the most resistance you’ll be facing being a few Treasure Hoarders. Get back to the shrine, and the cat will teach you how to use the rocks and sticks nearby them. Head back to Eiko and Taisuke, and you’ll get your tutorial on how this puzzle works.

Now, since this is a guide, we’ll be going straight to the solutions. Before you can interact with the moveable stones, you’ll need to find the paper charm hangers that need to be interacted with first. The first puzzle, next to Eiko and Taisuke, has all three paper charm hangers right next to it.

Puzzle One Solution: Rotate the bottom twice

Head on over to the next area the quest directs you to. It’ll spawn some enemies when you get near to the warding stone, so clear them out, and there’ll be two paper charm hangers. You’ll need to head to an island to the north to find the last paper charm hanger. It’s hiding behind the chest in the picture below. Now you can go solve the warding stone puzzle.

Puzzle Two Solution: Rotate both the bottom and top three times

Talk to Eiko again, and then you’ll be heading to the next area. This one’s a bit trickier in that. After you talk again with Eiko, you’ll notice there’s no stone nearby. What you need to do is take the Teleport Gate to head to a distant floating rock.

Grab the Electrograna and continue skyward. You’ll be at a platform now with three Electrograna. You want to use the middle one. That’ll bring you to a sole island, where you’ll grab another Electrograna and move to the next island.

Just keep following this path, it’s a straight line forward. You’ll eventually get to a larger rock where the warding stone is alongside a teleporter.

Take the southern Electrograna and head through that path to get to one of the paper charm hangers. Before you head out though, use the Electrograna next to it to head over to an island containing an Exquisite Chest.

Once you’re done, teleport back over to the warding stone to get the last paper charm hanger.

You’ll use the Electrograna to the north this time, then use another one on the rock island you land on. It’s the left one on the image below.

That’s all three for the hangers, so now you can rotate the stones for the puzzle.

Puzzle Three Solution: Rotate the top 3 times and the bottom 5 times.

After you get that done , go to the Electrograna that’s now active to the west, then follow that path upwards. You’ll be at an island with three Electrograna. Go to the one to the south. Follow that path, and it’s a straightforward path that’ll dump you off on an island with the next warding stone on it alongside another teleporter.

Activate the three paper charm hangers so you can finish the last warding stone puzzle.

Puzzle Four Solution: Rotate the top and bottom both by 2.

For this last part, just to warn you, you’re not gonna wanna bring any Electro users. You’re able to glide down to this last area, and you’ll be ready to fight the Thunder Manifestation. Put simply; it has a lot of AoE attacks highlighted on the ground with a purple reticule. Keep an eye on the ground, and watch when it teleports. It’s a bit squirrely. The worst attack of the bunch makes a cage-looking AoE that follows the player, so if you catch the circle following you, run. Focus on keeping Elemental pressure on it and keep on the move. You’ll kill the thunder moth off, then go get an Electrograna to get to a nearby island with a Precious Chest and a Luxurious Chest. From there, go back down to solid ground and talk with Eiko to finish up the quest. Your rewards for the entirety of this quest chain is 150 Primogems, 1200 Adventure XP, 55000 Mora, and 13 Hero’s Wit.

That’s all for the Seirai Stormchasers Quest Guide, but stay tuned for more news and guides for Genshin Impact.

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